Big Ten Week 4 Open Thread

Michigan State falls to Nebraska. Going to be a tough game in Lincoln this weekend.

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I had the same thought. No road gimmes anyway, but Nebraska is pesky.

It’s a great night when Michigan wins and Spartans lose (on their home floor, 3rd straight loss)!


Purdue backcourt only had 7 buckets vs. OSU. (Froncourt had 16)
Talk about a different mindset! Surprisingly with how much their bigs gets worked, they only had 6 turnovers.

I’m very confused watching Wisconsin they play their walk ons a lot anybody know why?

Good grief, Nigel Hayes shot 22 free throws vs. Indiana. Was Bo Ryan working the refs from the stands?

I watched most of that game (and first of all great game) but to be fair, Indiana is quite hacktastic in the post. Their guards do a good job of keeping their hands off drivers but their bigs all swing their arms like mad men any time a player gets close to the hoop. The biggest story of that game was Ethan happ just abusing Thomas Bryant in the post.

Yeah Troy Williams is not a fundamental defender and the other guys they lined up at 4 (all white boys who can only shoot threes) are way overmatched. I don’t think it’s surprising Hayes shot as many free throws as he did.

Yes. The point is that he WAS fouled that much. Plus, Wiscy had as couple of really bad called against them.

IU looked totally inept late, making bad play after bad play, except for Yogi making some shots. Being an IU fan would be frustrating, as they don’t seem to get that much out of a fair amount of talent.

Really think we can take Indiana. MSU may be a toss-up, but I am happy that we have them at home. Still a very real chance M contends for the B1G regular season championship, no?

I am not sure about that one of the biggest issues Michigan has is stopping guard penetration. That’s what Ferrell does quite well, we also can’t forget he usually goes off against Michigan as well.

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Michigan actually has a resume at last as good, if not better, than Indiana – better wins and less bad losses in terms of kenpom and RPI, higher rpi. But Yogi has killed us and IU has done quite well against UM the last few years, winning some close games, and they are a little higher up in kenpom. I expect a close game, but at home we should be a slight favorite.

As for the B1G race, we have a pretty tough second half conference schedule. If we can win the next 4, might be time to starting taking a more serious look. It might be especially hard to catch Iowa given they’re up two games and they’ve already played 5 against PU, MSU, and UM, but considering our remaining games vs. IU, MSU, PU, and Iowa are at home, we could stay in the hunt. A lot of toss up games for us, including those and @OSU and @Wiscy. Still seems like a long shot, but we might see just how long in the next two weeks.

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Yeah, I was forgetting Iowa. They’re the odds-on favorite. Think we could well play for second, though.

Gophers giving Purdue a game at the barn. Down 3 with 8 minutes left. Not sure I can stay awake for the rest of this after the yawn fest I witnessed at crisler.

Vince Edwards saved the day for Purdue, looked pretty good doing it. Gophers also couldn’t hit free throws.

three minutes left and Minnesota holding a one point lead at Indiana.

Watching Minnesota those last couple possessions was brutal. Horribly coached.

Tim Miles sweater tonight is full of win. Lmao

Dan Dakich has said it a couple times before but he said it again today just now that Ricky Doyle is athletic and has the biggest upside. First of all do you guys think Doyle is athletic? I don’t, he can’t catch, doesn’t get up and down quick. I think he moves decent but wouldn’t consider him athletic. Does he have the biggest upside?I don’t think he has the most upside. In Beliens offense a big that can shoot can be extremely dangerous and therefore Donnal is head and shoulders above. Also all you have to do currently in this offense is set a screen, roll and be able to catch and score from the halo. I’d rank Doyle about last in that department on Michigans roster.