Big Ten Tournament Podcast: Can Michigan defend its crown?



Here are the Moving Screen brackets if you want to keep score at home :rofl:


BQ going with a lot of upset specials. Can’t see him winning this. Haven’t listened yet but I don’t get his love for Illinois. They had a nice run in the middle of the conference season before losing five of six, with their lone victory over Northwestern at home and three double-digit losses.


I would be very surprised if Brendan won this. Your brackets are very different and it looks like we will know the winner after the quarterfinals as you each only have two common semifinalists and no common finalists.


How many beers did BQ drink prior to this?


I think it’s all about their unique system of play and that sometimes being hard to prepare for in a tournament setting like this. However, a team like Michigan always practices valuing the ball so it’s actually a matchup I’d prefer to Iowa. Though Iowa is in a massive rut. I think we can handle Iowa as they play zero defense. As long as we don’t get in a foul trouble, it should be a comfortable win.


Going to be hilarious when Illinois loses tonight


My bracket is very similar to yours Dylan, except I have Penn State beating Purdue.

If Illinois beats us in their 3rd game in 3 days… I don’t know what I’ll do


Almost impossibly, Brendan is guaranteed to go 2/13 on his picks (woof). At 5/10 thus far, Dylan has clinched the win with ease.