Big Ten Tournament Pick Em Contest

For a little bit of fun this week, we are going to do a Big Ten Tournament Pick Em contest.

Nothing too crazy, but will send the winner a UM Hoops t-shirt.

Here are the rules:
-Pick games against the spread.
-I’ll post the spreads for each day. Once they are posted those are the final numbers.
-Must pick at least 5 games over the course of the BTT.
-Keep your record in each post (we can see if you edit your posts)
-Best winning percentage wins but we will use number of winning games as a tiebreaker.
-UPDATE Also going to give a t-shirt to whoever has the most winning picks, regardless of losses. (If this is the same person as the best winning percentage, we’ll give the t-shirt to whoever has the 2nd most wins).

Illinois Pick em vs. Iowa
Minnesota -2 vs. Rutgers

Love it. I’ll take Iowa and Minnesota -2

Illinois and RU

Minnesota -2

Minn -2


I’ll take Illinois and Minnesota -2.

Illinois and Minny -2.

Give me Illinois and Rutgers.

First Illinois - Iowa matchup was defense-optional. Both teams likely feel good about this game.

I’ll take Iowa and Minnesota.

Illinois and Rutgers

I’ll take Iowa and Rutgers.

I will Take Iowa and Minnesota

Iowa and Minnesota -2

Illinois and Minnesota -2

Illinois EVEN
Minnesota -2


Iowa and Minnesota.

Iowa has too much good karma at play after that missed free throw.


Illinois and Minnesota -2