Big Ten Tournament: Michigan vs. Minnesota Recap

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Coach Painter did a good job of coaching but Coach B. is the best coach in the B1G hands down. Once again this team is clicking at the right time and I can’t wait for the next game…love watching this team - GO BLUE


Bought tickets for tomorrow when the bench subbed in, my pops and I are on 69 now heading to Chi Town! Cannot wait for the game tomorrow!


2 games, 2 ORTG’s over 200 for Z. In. Sane.


What a great win for Michigan. At the end of the day, this team will go as far as X takes them. I have no idea if they keep a stat about dribbling percentages in college (I know they have them in the NBA), but he clearly dominates the ball and he is in control at all times. In addition, he is now 4/5 from deep in two games in Chicago. The defensive scouting by opponents will be much less sophisticated in the Tourney, but no doubt the thing in caps on the scouting report will be to let X shoot and don’t let him beat you to the hoop or let him create. If he can make shots, it will throw that report into chaos, especially with teams unfamiliar of Michigan’s style/personnel.

Now, all that being said, Michigan’s last two games have come against the worst D in the B10, and a tired team playing for the third day in a row who threw in the towel late in the first half. Tomorrow will really show if we’re peaking.

Also Dylan, are you making a podcast tonight? I get if you’re too tired or if you’ve been busy, but just curious.


Yeah, we are planning to record a pod tonight at some point. Still trying to wrap up MSU preview. But we should hopefully get something out there.


The announcers kept beating that drum and I don’t get it. Both teams will be doing their 3rd in 3 days tomorrow, it happens all the time. We won the last 2 years doing 4 in 4.

I believe X and the guys will be intense and really focused tomorrow.

I agree Camp Sanderson has this team in great condition. I hope he never leaves.

Nice write up Dylan. Sounds like you had a pretty good seat today. Did you hear any in game chatter surrounding Brooks?

Yeah the “games in as many nights” things seems to get used as an ex post facto rationalization more than anything else. The last two years, this tournament has been won by a team that started playing the same day that Minnesota did.