Big Ten Tournament: Michigan vs. Minnesota Preview

Very quick turnaround for us but hard not to feel confident. As you mentioned, Beilein has had Pitino’s number, they’re on their 3rd game in 3 days, etc. And I assume a win would lock up a 2 seed which is huge because I think there’s a drop off from the 2 seeds to the 3 seeds.

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Third game in three days and I believe Coffey has played every single minute in the first two. Pretty impressive on his part. Curious to see if he battles fatigue, physically and mentally against Charles.

Michigan opened -10.5 now down to -8.5

Can’t overlook the Gophers. They have been playing well lately. Jump on them quickly and get them in a hole.

Don’t worry guys. After yesterday I’m 4-1 at neutral sites. So we’re good

What a great weekend…UMHOOOPS everyday!

Dylan, nice job on the content and quick turnaround.

“Ice bath for you seven, get to bed, sleep well, breakfast, film”

Add another W!!



Again “Just Win The Game” and BEAT the Ken Pom.

It was a shame that Purdue lost :rofl:… Definitely had put together a Purdue preview.


Is anyone at the United Center for the games? I just got here before the MSU game tipped.

I can’t imagine what you guys go through trying to anticipate the matchups.

Well done!

Pulled this out from the past…man was Walton a player! I forgot just how good he was, complete control. Check out Z as a Freshman…the torch has passed at PGU!


This also shows how much weight Mo put on that offseason. He’s still super skinny in that video, but was pretty solidly put together his last year.


I think it would lock it up. Easier for the committee to give both MSU and us #2’s and then they don’t have to make adjustments when the game finishes mere minutes before the bracket show.

Stockman out, per Twitter (so it must be true).

It was a shame that Purdue lost, because it would help more for Michigan to beat Purdue a second time to nab that coveted 2 seed. Hopefully we take care of business against Minnesota, and finally show up in full force against a hobbled Winston and Michigan State.

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One thing that was very evident was just how many of our players were excellent passers for assists. My recollection of Irvin is that he drove me crazy frequently, but I often forget just how good he was, especially on the pull-up midrange jumpers. Thanks for posting.