Big Ten Tournament: Michigan vs. Minnesota Open Thread

Take care of business today! Then on to Sparty tomorrow with a gimpy Winston.

Cassius Winston is Jim Brown gimpy. He’s only gimpy when action is stopped. When game is going on he shrugs off pain, stops limping, and executes at high level.


That is true but if you keep pushing it day after day it’s bound to have an effect eventually.

Next level arm flailing

First Michigan game for DJ Carstensen since Feb. 24th loss to Michigan State, but his 11th overall this season.

Terry Wymer and Rob Kueneman round out the officiating crew.

Are we all ready? Say HAIL YEAH!

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Let’s go!


I stream, but I still can’t get away from Comcast, as they are my internet provider. Comcast has been down in my area all afternoon, so I had to dust off my old antenna and fiddle with it to get it up and running. I just got a good stable picture and I’m afraid to breathe for the rest of the game.

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Maybe the Gophers will be better since Pitino didn’t have time to implement his game plan?


First Matthews J v ugly

Um, no Jim.

Tired legs for the Gophers. Everything is short.

Poole showing the best part of his game. Drive to the rim.

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The second Matthews got switched off Coffey they immediately went to him.

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Oh well, no verticality allowed in this game. I guess it’s good that we know this early on.

Those were the three best Poole offensive possessions of the year!

Man, that Smitty move was nice by Poole.

Jordan Poole with a quick six points for Michigan out of the gates. Poole was running hard in transition and it paid off.

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Hopefully we see him really unleash next year. . . or as Michigan goes deep into the tourney this year!