Big Ten Thoughts (12-12-15)

Wisconsin had a tough week after two good wins last week as it dropped games to Marquette and Milwaukee. That’s five non-conference losses for the Badgers with two against teams outside of the top-100.

Michigan State, Purdue and Maryland are the class of the conference by a pretty wide margin I think. Michigan plays 5 of potential 6 games against those three.

Iowa had the huge collapse at Iowa State, but I think it might be the best of the bubble teams – what I consider Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Northwestern and Indiana.

Indiana has the third best offense in the country despite giving it away on 22% of its possessions. That’s insane. Hoosiers have some fixable flaws and I think they could still put a run together.

Northwestern… Are they trying to trick the committee on win count alone? Wildcats have played one top-100 team (UNC) and won’t play another in the non-conference schedule. I think they have talent, but pathetic scheduling.

Ohio State and Illinois are a mess. Buckeyes blown out at UConn and Illinois barely avoided a bad loss to UIC. Illini did pick up best win of the season against Yale this week though.


Watching Xavier and Texas play right now… Xavier is really good, beating up on Cincinnati early. That team is going to win a lot of games.

Texas hanging with UNC at home, down 44-42 at half, but don’t think they’ll have enough. Eric Davis having himself a half though,11 points. This first half had basically no defense with both teams up well over 1.3 points per trip. I’ll put my money on UNC to have the horses to keep that up.

Either way… good for UM if Texas, Xavier, SMU, etc. keep on winning.

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Davis has the hot hand. Texas making the extra pass and Davis and Felix taking advantage.

When you are hitting 30 foot desperation heaves I would definitely say you have the hot hand.

There are some good cbb games on right now. I think I’ve drained my remote’s batteries already.

Florida roughing it up with sparty and keeping it close. It’s closer to a wwe wrestling match than a basketball game.

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Good grief, Xavier up 42-26 at the break against No. 23 ranked Cinci.

This MSU/Florida game is tough to watch… Scrums all over the floor, wild passes, missed dunks. Ugly.

What an ugly half. I think Michigan State is the far better team, but that was some hard to watch basketball.

Would love for Texas to pull this off. We need it.

Wow. Huge win for Texas over North Carolina. That win in the Bahamas could turn into a nice one for U-M.

Quite a shoot out

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