Big Ten schedule

Will be released Thursday at 6 p.m. on BTN

All I hope is that we don’t get our rivals at home while our students are off during spring break. That effectively ruins our home court advantage.

Depends - the IU game in 2013 was during break but a very large portion of students showed up and were quite animated. Loudest I’ve heard Crisler since the fab 5 days

Hope the game in Champaign is on a weekend.

Depends - the IU game in 2013 was during break but a very large portion of students showed up and were quite animated. Loudest I've heard Crisler since the fab 5 days

Wasn’t really a break game though. The game was on the Sunday before classes started. So students were already all back (I’m a student who attended that game. Can confirm that it was insane at Crisler.)

For the most part I just think it depends on the success of the team and the respective opponent. We have fair weather fans just like any other school - meaning if we’re good, a decent turnout is likely irrelevant of the break, but if we’re not so good the ticket office literally gives away free tickets to students, at least that’s the way it went down during my tenure at UM

Kind of OT but huge

Michigan State junior guard Bryn Forbes has been granted an NCAA waiver and is eligible to play as a transfer this season.

— Freep Sports (@freepsports) August 20, 2014

MSU board has assumed this for a while now, I honestly thought it was already official

Michigan will host Ohio State on Sunday, February 22nd per @BBaptistHoops.

Full schedule is out

I’m not seeing as many tough stretches as last year… Or did I miss somthing? I thought it shook out well for us

Looks favorable IMO

Wisconsin only once (and at home), if I read it correctly. Pretty good advantage there. I’m assuming Wisconsin lucked out once again and was scheduled to play N’W and Rutgers for 16 of their conference games.

The toughest four game stretch appears to be Wisconsin at home, Nebraska at home, Michigan state on the road, and then Iowa at home. compare that to last year’s gauntlet(s) and the fact that we face Wiscy only once and it’s at home, I think we got a very favorable schedule, at least compared to last year.

Have they already announced college gameday locations? Seems like the WIsconsin game would be a perfect fit with the potential for a massive TV draw. Also think Michigan’s twitter may have been hinting at something with this ->>>>

To me, the disappointing thing is that we don’t get to face Maryland at Crisler. I would have loved to see Smotrycz live again, and I am interested in how the crowd would react.

The schedule confirms my belief that we are safely a top 4 Big Ten 10.

Go Blue!