Big Ten schedule is out

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This stretch is pretty tough

vs. IU, at MSU, vs. OSU, vs. MSU, at IU, vs. WI


what a brutal stretch they could bury themselves pretty early

Here’s the full schedule if you want to bookmark it

Brutal stretch, but 5 of 8 at home. Outside of that very manageable. Would be wise to start off 5-0.

True, that looks like an intense run of games. With the depth of the B1G, just about every school in the conference has a similar 4-5-6 game run at some point in the season. Hopefully we’re healthy during that stretch.

Really like that we miss @Purdue and @OSU.

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One month gauntlet starting Jan. 17th through February 16th.

In a conference with more than half teams are contenders, every team goes through a brutal stretch like this.

The 5 game stretches that bookmark the tough 8 game stretch are not too bad. Get 8-10 wins from those games and go .500 in the tough stretch and that’s a pretty solid resume

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True, but the reason that gauntlet is especially worrisome with U-M (aside from the fact that it’s our team) is that this particular group has shown a tendency for letting bad games snowball.

Last season, the Xavier game was followed by a brutal first half against UConn; the IU rout likewise was followed by a pretty uncompetitive showing against State. Similar deal the season before when the NJIT loss was followed by some real rough outings. Obviously, the roster has turned over some over that span, but Donnal, Irvin and Walton were here throughout.

Given this history, you have to be concerned how U-M will respond if it things start going sideways during that stretch.

If experience counts for anything, this team should be well augmented to overcome times of adversity this season.

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This year’s team is not last year’s team.

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It’s the same core players

Who are a year older, a year more experienced, with new coaches and 5 new players added to the mix. It is called growth, building on last year

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That’s what we said last year. That argument is clearly not sufficient to dismiss his concerns.

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You are probably right about that. You can choose to look backward and dwell on past short comings, or look forward with optimism.


Or are you can just be objective and allow real discussion of the team instead of trying to shut down any talk that might even be slightly negative.

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There are several things wrong with that statement. Last year we said we’d be improved because we got LeVert and Walton back from injury, two players who we knew were legitimate Big Ten starters rather than unknown freshmen. Despite LeVert going down again we still improved drastically from the year before with only a freshman from Germany and a division 3 transfer as newcomers in addition to Walton’s health. You can say that’s what we said last year, because we most likely did, but you also can’t say we were wrong. With a year of growth and relatively the same core we went from missing out on the NIT to being a tourney team. Barring injury I don’t see how we have any direction to go next year but up.

He’s not trying to “shut you down”, he’s telling you he disagrees with you. Is that not how discussion works?

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Didn’t we improve?

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