Big Ten’s top 25 players for 2021-22: 11-15

What exactly would the argument be? I can buy into a Xavier Johnson argument because we have other transfer PGs on the list but I don’t see the case for Kopp at all? He’s basically just-a-shooter who takes a ton of mid-range jumpers and has never shot 40% from 3 in a season.


Ayala is definitely on the list. He averaged 15 points per game on a good team with solid efficiency numbers and should have a bigger role this season.

Yeah - saw him at #10. I agree mostly! He’s too good an offensive player to be much lower.

Kopp - I just think he’s a really good shooter (who got stuck on an awful team taking really tough shots, and maybe struggled with motivation at the end of a third straight pointless campaign, playing with a black-hole like Audige. Certainly a fringe guy, but I think if used properly he’s potentially more dangerous player than Jordan Bohanon.

I think this is an unfair way to look at it. You can’t argue that someone should be in by arguing them against one guy who you don’t think should be in.

Bohannon I think could go either way. He’s also a career 40% 3pt shooter who I’ve seen personally win games by himself. He’s made more career threes than Kopp has 3-point attempts.

But his argument should just be whether he deserves to be on the list. An argument to include someone like Kopp has to take into account all of the other people who could be on the list and there are probably a dozen other people with way better cases.

Start with the also considered (Johnson, McGowens, Omoruyi, Hauser, Buie) but then keep looking down rosters and I think it is a long way until you get to Kopp.

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OK, I guess my thought was that guys like Johnson, McGowens, and Buie almost necessarily need the ball in their hands - there is no other way (in my opinion) for them to play, and when you put the ball in the hands of a guy like Johnson, they’re going to produce shots (for themselves, some for others), but none of those shots are going to be great, and they may give the ball up a ton in the process. They’re going to be the focus of the offense, and if they are, the offense probably isn’t going to be great.

Kopp shot badly last year, and I’ll acknowledge that it’s probably leaning too much on his sophomore year to think that will change. However, I tend to think that guys who are dependent talents (like Kopp, or in a more idealized version, Isaiah Livers) can wax or wane based on the quality of the guy filling the role of a Johnson/McGowens/Buie. Again, I don’t think I would have had Kopp on my list, but I could see how he could belong here at year’s end (he knocks down shots, something I think he’s capable of - far more than I think Johnson is capable of playing efficient PG).

Hauser - sure, maybe, I won’t argue against it. I think Omoruyi’s CV is a bit thin for him to have appeared on my list.

Well, if you want someone who doesn’t have the ball in their hands or makes the team better guys, you look at guys like Stefanovic, Hauser, Kyle Young, Seth Lundy, Gabe Brown, etc.

Kopp is just not a particularly good player. I’d be surprised if he’s starting at the end of the year for Indiana (although he might start early because he’s experienced) but the more than Tamar Bates plays the better IMO.


Yeah, I just started because I didn’t think Kopp was nuts, not that he was “on my list”. Stefanovic actually was on my list. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Kopp is also bad on defense so that hurts him too. He’s not a 3-and-D guy he’s a just-a-shooter who’s mediocre at shooting. I do think he has moved to a better opportunity and if healthy will get chances to fit a role he’s suited to…but never imagined him being on this list. If you put guys like Kopp on the list you’re starting to talk yourself into guys like Hauser and Johns.

HD, Houstan, Diabate, Brooks, Jones are the top 5

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