Big Ten’s top 25 players for 2020-21: 21-25


Question for @umhoops : who is the bigger impact freshman, MSU’s Sissoko or Michigan’s Dickenson?

Dickinson IMO. Way more opportunity for him.

Interesting that both Towns and Mike Smith are going to have such an impact on the ceiling for their respective teams. Ideally up-transfers like them would join a rotation and become a valuable role player - not one of the critical cogs in the machine.

Seth Towns was a top 100ish recruit with Michigan and OSU offers that played to his talent until his injuries. Not a typical up transfer by any means


Maybe not, but it is still a huge change in competition and he hasn’t played in two years. If we think Bohannon is a wild card at Iowa with missing one year, who knows what to expect from Towns.

For sure. I think the injuries are the wild card there, not the talent level.

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Agreed dude can play but it will be interesting to see if the injuries have taken their toll.