Big Ten’s top 25 players for 2020-21: 16-20

Didn’t expect so much consternation over Miller landing on the list. Can anyone make an argument for someone who didn’t make it that you feel particular strong about why they deserve to be a top 25 player? It was pretty messy from 20 or so onward.

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I know there’s a lot of anti-Iowa sentiment around here but CJ Fredrick averaged 10 points and 3 assists as a freshman on 48/46/80 splits and if freshman Adam Miller exceeds sophomore year Fredrick I’ll be shocked.

I feel similar about Aaron Wiggins and Eli, FWIW. Basically proven double digit scorers that could see an uptick in role, versus an incoming non-blue chip freshman who at best projects as a third option, but very well could be a fringe starter.

The rest of the top 25 I agree with though. Lander makes sense due to opportunity IMO.

Yeah Fredrick and Wiggins are the two who I think may have more opportunity to put up numbers than Miller with Ayo back. I don’t have an issue with it though. Obviously Miller’s upside is higher. I wonder how ready Lander is too as a freshman after a reclass.

Had a hard time with Fredrick versus Bohannon. I really like Fredrick but hard to say he’s better than Bohannon. Also having Bohannon back makes it tough for a Fredrick breakout.

Eli Brooks as a top 25 player in the league? I love Eli but I don’t really see it.

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I’m not sure I see it either with Eli. But let me ask you this, would you rather have Eli Brooks or Adam Miller start at the 2 this season only? I’ll take Eli.


Eli (in his current situation) has a higher floor because he’s been in one system, is a strong defender, etc. but I would say Adam Miller has a way higher ceiling for this season.

Essentially, if someone isn’t a Big Ten starter caliber player this year it is Miller. If someone is a top 25 player in the Big Ten, it is Miller.

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Not crazy about Wiggins and I think Maryland is going to be terrible. He should put up some hollow stats though I suppose.

I see both sides of it. To the earlier point, most people would take Eli for a single season, plug him in, be thankful for what he does, and not worry about his low ceiling because of his high floor. This list isn’t meant for guys like that though. This list is meant for guys who are going to have a couple of 20-point nights every month and possibly end up on an All-B10 team.

That being said, I’m now going to be interested to follow Miller a bit. Is he going to be the Stauskas to Donsunmu’s Burke and Kofi’s McGary?