Big Ten’s top 25 players for 2019-20: 1-5

On no hypothetical list I’m constructing of the big ten’s best players is Cowan above Simpson. None.

I love the narrative there. And am inclined to agree. Then again, and I’m not really sure what I think about the following statement because you can’t hold one player accountable for the whole team, but if Simpson is all that we think he is and love him for being, we wouldn’t have gone 0-3 against MSU last year. There’s an argument to be made there.

We were 3 - 0 in the three games preceding last years 3. There’s an argument to be made there as well. This year will be a rubber match of sorts.

Yeah but lots of other players enter into that. Z’s supposed to be an awesome leader. It’s his team, and that was never more true than this year, vis-a-vis when he was a shaky frosh or a soph PG of a team whose best player was Mo Wagner. He demands more from his teammates. etc., etc – we’ve all heard the stuff said. Didn’t get help much this year, that’s for sure. And we knew he wasn’t thrilled with the play, effort level and awareness of each and every teammate.

Again, it’s not necessarily fair to pin all that on one player, but part of the argument for Z in this context is the intangibles.

The only thing this list told me is that the talent in the Big Ten this year is very poor.