Big Ten’s top 25 players for 2019-20: 1-5

I obviously agree on Simpson being better, but head-to-head isn’t really an indication of who is better over 40 games.

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This feels like a bold statement. It was definitely true over the past two seasons, when Simpson clearly outplayed Cowan in h2h matchups though.

I think Smith will become a better shooter this year (I like his stroke), and I think that team would provide him even more space to shoot it from distance. I don’t see it with Stevens, who wasn’t a good shooter or an efficient player even when guys like Tony Carr and Shep Garner were with him. I also think that Smith is a vastly better offensive rebounder on a team which could use that. I would put Livers on that team before Stevens (all this despite the fact that Stevens has had some of his best moments against Michigan).

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I don’t love Lamar Stevens by any means, but I think getting out of a Pat Chambers offense would be a huge boost to anyone’s stats. Stevens shot 32% from 3 as a sophomore, made 77% of his free throws last year and takes and makes mid-range jumpers often. I think he has potential as a shooter.

I also don’t think it matters that Tillman is undersized as you put it. If he’s a top 5 finisher and rim protector in the conference, who cares how tall he is?


Yeah, Dosunmu is the better option next to Winston IMO because Winston and Simpson both need the ball in their hands. Dosunmu is bigger (6-5), more athletic, just an all around good balance next to Winston.

Bold, yes, however, one I stand by. In a coaching match up between Mark Turgeon and a rock, I’m picking the rock.

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Turgeon has won 12+ Big Ten games in four of five seasons, FWIW.

Sorry I go by the eye test and X is a better all around player than Cowan period. IMO

Wouldn’t Xavier be severely hurt by “eye test” only evaluations? He doesn’t have the most aesthetically pleasing game, other than the hook shots.


When was the last season you had 3 michigan players in the top 25 Dylan and how did we do that year?

Michigan had three players last year in the top 25 list we did: Matthews, Poole and Brazdeikis.

Thank you, very promising!

How so? Could be indicative of a worse year for the conference rather than an indication based on last year’s success.

more like stalemate.

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Dog, have you tried the hear test? X has that deep voice like a moose, I don’t know how you’re taking any PG in the country over that.

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The thing about Cowan is that he disappears for long stretches and you notice him mostly as a scorer, whereas Z is in on everything, for better or worse. But that’s in large part because Turgeon wanted to dump it inside to Bruno. He asks less of Cowan than Beilein has of Z.

On the team we’re constructing, I do think that I would like to have some size alongside Tillman, not for offensive purposes, but on the defensive/rebounding side. Tillman is a very good shot blocker, especially on switches and coming to help, but from what I have observed, he’s not elite in that area against his own guy, to some extent because of his size. Moreover, even if he is, if you can take him away from the lane on a switch, it’s nice to have a second big with him, provided, of course, that playing 2 bigs doesn’t screw up your offense. Livers certainly doesn’t screw up that team’s offense—he would enhance it, and I think Smith would too. On the other hand, putting someone like Williams, Giorgi or Wesson around him wouldn’t work at all.

constructing an actual team, I’d come up with

and then Teske at center

I’m pretty divided on the 4. Tillman is the best player, but I’m not sure he’s the best fit. My instinct is to have Livers at the 4 (doesn’t need lots of shots, will make those he gets, good defender at the 4).

But having 2 guys from the #4 or 5 team in the conference that I also happen to claim as my favorite seems like I’m fooling myself.

To pick up another hobby-horse, I think a guy like Wheeler works there too.

I could also see a version that goes


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I see Simpson as just a much tougher player than Cowan. In games last year against Maryland Simpson in my view seemed to be in control of the narrative if you will.

In my view Maryland should have had a better run last year if he was the one making game winning plays at end of games.

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Without a doubt eddieben! We can only use it as a barometer for how we will perform within our own conference.