Big Ten’s top 25 players for 2018-19: 5-1

“Winston’s offensive efficiency numbers border on the absurd”.

If Ethan Happ is so great, how come Wisconsin was 15-18 last season?

Because one player doesn’t make an entire team? I mean are we really gonna have this conversation?

I guess Markelle Fultz wasn’t actually great because Washington went 9-22 in his lone season.


Because the hope is that this year Wisconsin will be more than just Ethan Happ. And just Ethan Happ went 15-18.

I’m personally high on Wisconsin this year because they bring back a lot, Happ is great and they had some key injuries last year.


I too struggle to see Wisconsin doing poorly next season. People forget that they caught the injury bug last year.

26 on Torvik’s preason stuff FWIW.

Obviously that is just because Bart is a Wisconsin fan. /s


I"ll take a top 10 TEAM over one or two individual stars on a team not in the top 10.

I predict Winston doesn’t come close to his numbers from last year. With Jackson and Bridges gone, Winston will need to take on a bigger scoring load and defenses will, therefore, be keying on him more than they did last year.


This seems similar to the argument against Nebraska, especially since Im not convinced that Trice and King are above-average talents. I can get behind Gard > Miles, but I think I’d take Nebraska’s starting 5 > Wisconsin’s

I agree, his efficiency numbers are set to take a big hit without Bridges and Jackson. I don’t think he’ll be an effective plan A.


Am I blind or is Xavier Simpson not on this list? I don’t claim to know all the big ten teams top to bottom, but there is no way that Simpson is not one of the top 4 players on our own team and I’m sure he will finish the year in the top 25 of the league.

I don’t trust Tim Miles as a coach yet, fully. But man, that Nebraska team is absolutely stacked. If they don’t make the tournament Miles surely has to be out, or have an absolutely SCALDING hot seat.

Wisconsin is solid. I’m fairly high on them, but, as it seems like you are too, I still don’t fully know what to make of them though.

Well, somebody finally put X in their top 25 player list. ESPN at 19. Still too low, but, hey, at least it is a start.