Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)


MSU’s Depth chart is probably as such now

PG - Nairn (Jr) - Winston (Fr)
SG - Harris (Sr) - Mcquaid (So) - Ahrens (So)
SF - Langford (Fr) - Ellis (Sr)
PF - Bridges (Fr) - Goins (So)
C - Schilling (Sr) - Ward (Fr)

They’ll add a transfer big. They’ve got two scholarships laying around.


Good post without the snark of a previous post. Even mentioned in a previous thread about Alec Peters maybe MSU would be a destination for him. Bielfeldt left and become 6th man of the year it isn’t far fetched to see Izzo land a productive player.


Bakari Evelyn (Michigan native) leaving Nebraska

Miles also announced Tuesday that freshman guard Bakari Evelyn has decided to transfer from the Husker program following the conclusion of the spring semester next month.

Evelyn, a 6-foot-2 guard from Detroit, played in 18 games this season, totaling 24 points, nine rebounds and four assists in 88 minutes of action. He had a season-high seven points against Mississippi Valley State and had six points in a win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

“I support Bakari and his decision to transfer,” Miles said. “I appreciate his hard work for the Huskers throughout the season, and he will be granted a full release. We wish Bakari the best in his future endeavors.”


Not a huge difference from 2012-13 team?

Appling >> Nairn
Gary Harris = Eron Harris (being very generous)
Dawson > Langford
Payne > Bridges
Nix > Schilling

Next years team might have better depth than the 2012-13 team but the starting 5 was significantly better.


Also Payne, Appling and Nix were 3 of the 4 best players on that team. The best talent wasn’t the underclassmen.


You are 100% correct that Appling, Payne, and Nix (along with freshman Harris) were the best players on the team. It was nowhere near an underclassmen-led team. I think Lupe is reaching a bit.


So we are talking MSU being an NIT or bubble team this upcoming year?


They will be a 6-7 seed who might go to the sweet 16 if their roster is set today.


And they made the sweet sixteen in 2013…


He developed Davis? I don’t thinks so. He did everything possible to hold the guy back. For anybody who can read between the lines this looks bad. I think even smart Spartan’s fans knew what Izzo was attempting to do with Davis. The not-so-smart Spartan fans spent a lot of time scratching their heads wondering why Davis was not playing. I hope Izzo has fun trying to keep Bridges out the NBA.


You are 100% correct. Losing Clark and Bess is actually going to really benefit MSU next season because Izzo will have no choice but to play Bridges 30 minutes per game.


Also they are one Schilling injury away from the NIT


I know Mitch was injured, but McGary seems to have had a similar freshman year.


Just my opinion, but I thought McGary seemed lost and clumsy most of his Freshman year. Davis looked like a game-changer almost from day 1. Mcgary not getting a ton of playing time actually made sense to me.


If Hayes doesn’t come back to Wisconsin, the Big Ten should be fairly wide open. A lot of talent leaving


Yeah I think Mitch was overweight and that caused him health and stamina issues, plus I remember Beilein and Bacari mentioning kind of what you said. He needed work on fundamentals, etc. But obviously come tournament time, we all saw what he was capable of.


How I imagine the conversation went:

DD: Coach, I am going to enter the draft.
IZZ: I really think you should stay for a year or two.
DD: A poster on UM Hoops said you’d say that and it would cost me several million dollars.
IZZ: Who are you going to trust? An anonymous poster on UM Hoops or me, the great Coach Izzo?
DD: I’m going with UM Hoops on this.


The MSU 12-13 team had one freshman in its top 5 in points or minutes and Appling, Payne, and Nix were 3 of the top 4 scorers. I’m fairly confident that if only one MSU freshman plays in the top 5 minutes next year, or if three of their leading scorers are Schilling, Harris, and McQuaid, it won’t be a good thing.

This is a huge blow for MSU, significantly lowers their ceiling – I’ve seen MSU up close, and the difference between what Davis could have brought and what Goins (or Schilling) could bring is enormous. And the downside variance is much greater.

Izzo is a very good coach, they’ll still have plenty of talent, and they may have a terrific season, but it’ll rely much more on freshmen than Izzo generally does, and the chances of a mediocre season are much higher.


What? Payne, Appling, and Nix were easily 3 of the top 5 players. How can you say otherwise?


I thought Harris-Dawson were both better than Nix. I always thought of Nix as an underachieving, out of shape and undersized center. Still 2 of their top 5 players one was a frosh one was a sophomore I would hardly consider that an old team. Their rotation was made up of 5 guys either fr or sophmores that’s a young team.

Furthermore you may end up seeing the Spartans start 2 seniors and 1 junior this year hardly a raw team.