Big Ten Preview: Nebraska Cornhuskers


Trying to figure out why the posts aren’t embedded correctly… Either way, Nebraska is a fascinating team to me this year. Feels like their season could go either way, hard to imagine it just being OK.

This is great Dylan. Love having an individual breakdown of all the conference teams.

Would it be possible to attach a full team roster with upcoming previews?

Great idea. I’ll try to add a breakdown graphic.

Nebraska really intrigues me. They have 3 really good players with a potential 4th in Watson. But with Tshimanga transferring out, they only bring back one more guy who played over 20% of minutes last year (Thomas Allen at 24%). Every other projected contributor is a inexperienced freshman or sophomore. If Watson struggles again, or even if he plays well, they probably won’t have much depth. They’ll be very susceptible to foul trouble or injuries, which over a long season makes me think they won’t hold up. My guess is they settle around .500 with some big wins but disappointing losses.

If they can get their defensive rebounding up they could really be good defensively. Offensively they weren’t that good about getting up 3s and pretty bad about making them. Maybe Watson can return at least part way to his sophomore year numbers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Miles spent a lot of time this summer analyzing how Michigan got Wagner all those 3s…

Thanks Dylan. I’m glad you do this whole thing.

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