Big Ten Preview: Indiana Hoosiers

I still don’t have a little roster graphic, so here’s one from 3MW.

I am concerned about their backcourt. Even if you think Langford is a sure thing, your banking on Devonte Green to be a legit starter (shaky at best) and then zero proven depth behind them. Morgan and Davis should be a dirty frontcourt though. Fitzner will be a nice addition to pair with either of those two as well off the bench with his shooting

I know that 3MW hope that Phinisee will end up earning the starting PG spot, and think that might be more likely than Green holding onto it

So how do they have room for 14 guys on their roster?

Zach McRoberts is a walk-on.

Archie impressed the entire state of Indiana by finally keeping a Mr Basketball winner home. We’ve seen lots of promising young talent not turn out the way we expect.
I’m not sold on the Hoosiers. PG is a question, the freshman are going to play like freshman, and outside of Langford, Morgan and maybe Davis, there are not solid players that would worry coaches.

Dylan, one minor correction to an otherwise excellent article–the BTT is at the United Center in Chicago this year, not at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Oof. Brain fart, my mistake. Too bad too because the BTT is far more enjoyable in Indy :slight_smile:

I agree, and this despite the fact that, aside from my four years in Ann Arbor (and a summer as a law clerk for a Detroit law firm), I have lived in Chicago or its suburbs for my entire life. In Indy, the tournament dominates–at the United Center, it seems like an afterthought.

Indiana feels a bit like UM in profile, if not roster construction. Defense first, poor 3PT, offensive efficiency predicated almost entirely on good shot selection, flexible lineups.

I think Smith will start, not Fitzner

I didn’t make that graphic, FWIW.

However, it does sound like they might like Fitzner as a starter. Don’t think they are planning on starting Morgan at the 5. That could obviously change though.