Big Ten Power Rankings: Michigan's versatility, Michigan State's defense and chaos in the middle

The MSU AdjEff margin looks like it was copy/pasted from Michigan’s (19.1) and should be 25.1 as noted in the chart in the Maryland section.

I also have a small quibble with the Wisconsin section. The Reuvers three would have tied the game with Maryland getting the ball back with a chance to win in regulation. Maybe the Badgers win in OT but I don’t think it would be any sure bet (much like people lament Kentucky’s three to beat Michigan in the 2014 E8 – it was tied at the time of the shot and Michigan was in no way guaranteed to win had Aaron Harrison missed).

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Thx for the correction the MSU paragraph.

I was referring more to the first three that would have given them the lead, just trying to point out that they have lost very close games that could have gone in a number of directions.

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That’s right, Reuvers missed two big threes in the last minute.

And yeah, I think anyone who expects Michigan to march into the Kohl Center and put up another 44-22 first half…I want what you’re having! I think Michigan wins but it will be a tough one.

I’m slightly worried, but this team is different than any coach b team imo. I think they will realize Wisconsin really needs a win and has talent so they will be coming out for a dog fight.

As long as Michigan comes to play, they win imo. The one worry I have is a lot of suspect calls as a whole and teske getting in foul trouble quick. That’s a recipe for a close game and potential upset.