Big Ten Power Rankings: Ignas Brazdeikis, Joshua Langford's shot selection and more

How can you have OSU at 4th in the Big Ten when the NET HAS THEM AT #1 in the country? :slightly_smiling_face:

I must admit that MSU looks better than I expected. Having said that, it is still too early to really judge teams until we get a better feel for the opposition and that includes Michigan.


Josh Langford was always the X Factor for MSU. If he merely stayed the same as last year, they were just gonna be a decent team. With Langford finally out of the underclassman shadow of Tom Izzo he may be really good now, which raises the ceiling of their team.

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Langford is shooting lights out right now too. He looked damn near unstoppable against Texas. If his defender hesitated at all, the ball was going in.

The thing is, he’s always been a 40% 3-point shooter. He just never attempted half of his shots from 3-point range. Now that he’s actually taking his most efficient shot… production will follow.

Yeah, I didn’t watch MSU this week but your numbers breakdown on the pod scared me. Thought there would be no chance that Langford/Izzo would actually fix this. And now Langford might actually be an All Big Ten 2nd or 3rd team type of player.


But, can he do it with Matthews in his face?

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Great point!

A topic for late February :slight_smile: Hopefully we can talk about each team between then and now.