Big Ten Open Thread (Week of 2/9/16)

Rapheal Davis is having himself a half. Wow. Tied his season high in the first half and locking down Bryn Forbes on the other end.

Purdue up 46-30 at the half. Quite a half for the Boilermakers.

This is a great game.


Impressive come back… Had to turn it off for the first 10 minutes of the second half and it was tied. Someone fill me in.

MSU scored 6 points in a span of 5 seconds on 2 Valentine 3’s. He hit one and on the shot there was a foul on Purdue down low, then Valentine hit another. The lead went from 12 to 6 very quickly.

One of the best basketball games of the year. What a battle. An absolute war in the paint.

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Anybody that thinks our Northwestern game at home is a gimme win is not being realistic. IMO.

I gotta say I love Vince Edwards as a player one of the most under rated players in the B1G IMO

Love his game… Michigan’s roster would look a lot different with Vince instead of Kam.

Think Bryn Forbes is the key for MSU?

Indiana-Iowa this week… think the Hoosiers have a chance?

I think Thomas Bryant will get in foul trouble early. I think it’s a favorable matchup for Iowa.

With an offense that potent, they have a chance in every game they play, especially at home. That being said, I still favor Iowa. But, I would not be surprised if Indiana won. Think it will be a really exciting game.

Purdue locked him down. We dropped off to help on defense and left him wide open for threes. If we should see MSU in the B1G tournament, I hope that they put Abdul-Rachman on him and he sticks to him like a cheap suit.

Yes, but I think Iowa is the better team.

I like the Hoosiers if home.

All about the basketballs?

Interesting because Michigan plays with ‘The Rock’ rather than a Nike, etc. ball. Nigel Hayes certainly has a gift for sarcasm though.

Any other odd brands out there? Here’s what I could come up with:

The Rock: Mich
Sterling: WI;
Adid: Neb; IU;
Wilson: NW

Indiana has to be kicking itself for dropping that game at Penn State. Would be leading the league outright.

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I always thought the Rock had the best feel leaving my hand out of all this brands.

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