Big Ten Offseason Thread


I just reread a post which analyzes our pick and roll game after Levert went down. It analyzed and compared Irvin, Walton and MAAR’s usage in pick and roll and their success rate. Irvin and Walton averaged 9 pick and roll attempts each whereas MAAR averaged 3. Walton’s points per possession on pnr were pretty bad–Alarmingly bad, actually. It would be nice if people could revisit that post on umhoops front page because i think there are a variety of different conclusions we might draw. I will throw out a prediction that is probably going to be controversial : MAAR will have the luxury of utilizing more pick roll ball screens than Walton next year. I don’t have time to lay out my reasoning now but that is what I believe after re-reading the article and thinking about it today.


I won’t argue the Kobe assist thing. That’s a valid argument. I still don’t think that makes him better than Walton as an overall player though.


I’m not sure who is better between Rahk and Walton, but I’ll say that Rahk has more upside at this point. There’s still hope he can be a plus scorer/creator.


I didn’t say there was no value to penetrating and missing a layup. I just said that I do not consider that act as making other players better.


MAAR gives his teammates a better opportunity to get an offensive rebound and score when MAAR is able to drive to the rim and pull potential defensive rebounders out of position. Helping provide your teammate with offensive rebounding opportunities is helping to make your teammates better.


I believe Irvin will be the primary user of pnr next season but I think MAAR might be the secondary option for pnr. Regarding my belief that MAAR will have more pick and roll opportunities than Walton next year:

1)I was surprised to find out that after Levert went down MAAR was given 3 pick and roll opportunities per game whereas Walton was given 9 pick and roll opportunities per game. I did not realize MAAR had so many opportunities and it shows me that JB is serious about experimenting with MAAR in this role.

2). MAAR’s points per pick and roll possession were better than Walton’s. MAAR achieved 1 point per possession (including passes that led to points) whereas Walton achieved .88 points per possession.

3). I do not have any data to back this up but my sense is MAAR was not given the luxury of receiving screens early in the shot clock. if memory serves and I might be wrong, MAAR received the ball late in the shot clock after the possession became in danger of expiring via shot clock. And by design MAAR was charged with getting the best look he could get and or passing to someone who was more or less forced to shoot. All things being equal, MAAR was consistently put into a position where you would expect less passing and significantly lower percentages of shots going in. In fact, he did pass less but he scored significantly more than Walton per pnr possession.

4). Even if MAAR and Walton were equally effective at pnr Walton is better than MAAR at catch and shoot so he is a better off the ball target.

5). even if MAAR and Walton were equally effective at Pnr It is better to groom MAAR for pnr in anticipation of Irvin and Walton’s departure. X is still an unknown.

  1. When I compare their deficiencies as pnr players I think MAAR has less to overcome than Walton. I think MAAR actually needs to do less. He needs to develop timing and pauses so he can seize opportunities a)after the screen and outside the 3 point line, b) a pause at the free throw line, c) a strategy for baseline kickouts when he over penetrates and can’t find the rim. Conversely, when I look at Walton’s shortcomings I see things that are hard to fix, because he needs to a) finish at the rim a lot better b). Get to the paint better, c) finish midrange, d) get taller. e) be faster and more explosive.

I wonder what other people think. PNR is the key to our success…So I really hope we can figure it out.


I’d expect an All B1G, 1st team from MAAR this year after reading this thread.


Nothing to back this up, but I don’t feel like MAAR had a significantly greater amount of late in the shot clock opportunities than Irvin or Walton.


It’s pretty out of control. The kid is good, but by no means is he our best or most important player. It’s getting scary out here


Agreed. Someone up thread said it best, he’s in his best role where he can come off the bench and get buckets. He’s about our 4th-5th most important player. And I’m saying this being a big fan of MAAR…just getting out of control.


He’s my choice as top player if choosing teams… I’d choose Walton if he was more consistent and I wouldn’t knock you if you choose him. I think maar could be all big ten caliber played over the next two years. if he continues to play well and is given a bigger role I think it will happen,


Walton has already been an all big ten payer, 3rd team I believe. Irvin was honorable mention and I don’t believe MAAR was recognized at all. Also, Irvin was on the all big ten tournament team. Taking MAAR is obviously your choice, but it’s not a wise one my friend. I’ve stated many times before, MAAR is a very good player who’s talents are best suited to be a sixth man, which he was when levert was healthy. We had no other option but to play him and I truly believe if we had another option, MAAR would be coming off the bench. I love MAAR, but he is what he is.


I agree that MAAR has some strong qualities and has the potential over the next two years to develope into the caliber of player that you already think he is. There is talent there.

I would like to see him use his driving ability within the framework of the offense and create opportunities for others, much like Valentine did for MSU. Improving his outside shot would also help his game and the team.


Any more thoughts on the non-MAAR Top 25 list?

I don’t think Thomas Bryant is the 2nd best player in the Big 10 or even close to it.
He’s a nice defender but I don’t think he’s a great rebounder or that great on post moves.


Seeing Trimble at number 1 was a surprise. He led his team to an extremely disappointing season. It will be interesting to see how he does with a worse supporting cast. I figured he would be overrated with a 6th or 7th ranking.


Trimble would be my pick for first overall in the conference, but the league as a whole is way down this year. I was shocked to see Happ ranked above Hayes and even Koenig. I’d be really surprised if he’s anything more than a third option for Wisconsin. JaQuan Lyle not making the list at all makes no sense to me either. He averaged 11 and 4 as a freshman and Derrick Walton averaged that as a junior…


It will be interesting to compare this list to the All Big Ten selections at the end of the year. There will likely be some surprises.


I’m biased as he’s a Rochester kid but he’s pretty damn good


Blue Ribbon’s first team all Americans include 3 B1G guys.


Not to toot my own horn here, but…toot toot!!

Seriously, though, curious to see some people’s updated player rankings after a month into the season.