Big Ten Media Day 2018-19 Thread

Will be posting various tweets and videos, etc. from Big Ten Media Day today.

Coach B on BTN around 11:10 est.

Coach Beilein a little testy with question about Tai Streets. Not often he gets dismissive when asked dumb questions, but this was the exception.

Charles got that fresh cut.

I liked this Holtmann quote. Presumably about Iggy.


Yeah, it was an awkward presser Q. The IU reporter was clearly just fishing to get a quote about Romeo Langford (and Holtmann seemed to know the reporter/that fact). Sort of an odd moment.


Nice little article on Matthews. It actually addresses one of my biggest concerns about him and especially coming from X.

“You can tell he’s a lot more comfortable," said point guard Zavier Simpson. "He always can score the ball, obviously, but now he’s a lot more chill. He’s less forcing things. You can tell his game has just matured.”

I really hope that Charles lets the game come to him this year. If he does, I think he can be a star and really become a more efficient player

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The story in East Lansing is still messy…

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32 out of 100 threes though… eesh

With each passing year, I am having more and more trouble understanding what Izzo is saying. Don’t know if it is me or him. If it is him, is he having trouble expressing himself or is he trying to talk that way?

He doesn’t have adequate answers so it’s just an angry indiginate mush to distract people from the fact that he has not spoken on any of this

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I think that’s just in relation to his percentage last year, not a stat from a practice this year.

Ah, good call.



Just means we’ll get him in one of the non conference tournaments, ACC/B1G Challenge or NCAAs :stuck_out_tongue:

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No TV Ted, Gene Steratore and his 5 minute replay reviews have moved to his cushy TV gig…can we get lucky and get Terry Wymer to move on for the trifecta???