Big Ten matchups announced

Double plays: Michigan State, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska and Wisconsin.
Home only: Maryland, Ohio State, Penn State and Purdue
Road only: Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern and Rutgers

Talk about an easy schedule for Maryland:
Home/Away: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio State, Rutgers
Home: Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Purdue
Away: Michigan, Northwestern, Penn State, Wisconsin

Looking like a tough schedule for Michigan. IU, Wiscy, and MSU will probably be picked 1, 2, 3 in the B1G (in some order) to open the year. There will be plenty of opportunities for quality wins. At least we don’t have to go to PU or MD. Probably won’t have to go to OSU either unless they’re the final double play.

With the way our team is shaping up for next year (I don’t see us competing for the B1G Championship) a tougher schedule might actually be good because, as you noted, those extra opportunities for good wins and less opportunities for bad losses.

Our schedule:
Double: Michigan State, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, and Wisconsin
Home only: Maryland, Ohio State, Penn State and Purdue
Away only: Iowa, Minnesota, Northwestern and Rutgers

My thoughts are that the home and homes are very difficult – Wisconsin, MSU, and Indiana should be formidable – but the away only games are quite easy, which is definitely a benefit.

Missing out on trips to Maryland/OSU/Purdue isn’t bad.

Missing out on home games against Rutgers, Minnesota and NW is tough though.

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Yeah, home games vs Minny and Rutgers would be good for the standings but this past year probably hurts us RPI wise without much benefit. Like we’ve been saying, should be a lot of good chances for quality wins and for a decent road/neutral record (which I think the committee looks at), but probably not the best for winning the conference. We also get two more wins against Groce before Illinois fires him…

That looks like a 9-9 record to me, could be 10-8 but probably not better than that. I guess the other good part about the schedule is they don’t go to Purdue a place where they haven’t played well recently.

When do the dates get released?

Usually in September.

Oh alright, thanks.

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This list gives U-M the most difficult draw