Big Ten March Struggles

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Hammer and rails can speak for themselves


Michigan is fine in March.

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Since 2000, Big Ten teams have made the national title game in 2002 (IU), 2005 (Illinois), 2007 (OSU), 2009 (MSU), 2013 (Michigan), 2015 (Wisconsin), and 2018 (Michigan). I don’t think there’s a rational explanation for the league going 0-7, it’s just a weird thing.

That said, the current crop of league coaches includes a lot of guys with pretty bad March track records.


Titles aside the conference has done well since 2000 in the tourney . Lazy narrative that the media has been pushing for the few years.

“The big ten got 9 teams in but only 1 sweet 16 team!”

Well how far did you think a bunch of teams ranked 20-55 would go? Seems as if most the conference is seeded 7-11 that they’d mostly win 1 game or none…has it had a rougher go than expected in a couple years lately ? Sure, but the strength of the league isn’t at the top, it’s the fact that 80 percent of the league is ranked in the top 60….

Without looking it up, I think every Big Ten team in the national title game has lost to a 1 seed in the final.


I think so - although some of the Big Ten teams were 1 seeds themselves.

I think the years long thing is dumb

I think it’s fair to say that the past two years the league doesn’t have top end talent or teams. I think there are lots of things that has to do with beyond coaches or really anything under their control

Like we can say Purdue was a 1 seed but were they anything close to one of the four most talented teams?

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