Big Ten injuries

Dion Wiley out for the season at Maryland and Vic Law at Northwestern.

Both pretty big losses before the season even starts. Any other Big Ten injuries I’m missing?

Not just injuries but I know Illinois lost some contributors to suspension. The result in Michigan’s perspective is identical.

The title of this thread scared me that there were new injuries on our team preseason that we didn’t know about before…

Really sucks for N’W. They need to stay relatively healthy in such a tough conference. But I think they could still make a postseason this year.

Gavin Schilling has turf toe… We saw how this can go last year with Derrick.

Figured this’d be a decent place to post this. Denzel Valentine out 2-3 weeks after some sort of knee surgery

Not a bad time to sit him for a few weeks…

Iowa should give them fits with Valentine out. I wouldn’t be surprised if they snuck in two wins against Sparty this year.

Perhaps… but I feel like MSU has crushed Iowa recently.

Hopefully 3 turns to 6 and he misses the game vs Michigan.

Although if James Blackmon and Rayvonte Rice taught us anything, it’s that injuries heal just before Michigan for some reason.