Big Ten Discussion


Never thought much of Matta from an offensive standpoint but he was a very good to great defensive coach. It’s too early for me to really comment on how good holtmann will ultimately be. He’s definitely off to a great start.


I have no analytics just foggy memories. From what i can tell kbd is just shooting a lot better than he ever has at osu. I’m sure he is taking more shots off the dribble and being more of a primary play maker this year. But it just seems like he is red hot shooting the ball particularly in the mid range game. Don’t know if that is a credit to holtmann or not. Doesn’t really matter bc kbd has been near unstoppable.


Good call on OSU, but Illinois learned the hard way that committing 31 fouls and putting the other team on the line 40 times is not a recipe for success. Brad Underwood must be happy they beat Mizzou because otherwise his first season is not going so well.


Yep - until the NCAA tournament comes and they play Duke, UNC, or (in one year) Calipari’s Memphis team.


Dang, that win @OSU would have been really impressive…



If you want to sell stock in Big Ten teams: Maryland, Minnesota and Wisconsin are sinking quickly.


The bottom of the Big Ten has turned into quite a mess recently…


The whole middle is a mess really. Illinois is the only team that hasn’t won a game and it has lost 3 games in overtime and is 12th in efficiency margin.

Rutgers is astronomically bad on offense, Maryland on defense. Bunch of teams around 3-2, 2-3 and tough to differentiate between them.


You’re right, I guess to me everything after the top 4 could qualify as “bottom” at this point. We’re really gonna need to beat one of the top 3 teams.


The Bucknuts are rocketing up KenPom - they’re at 18th(!) today. Maybe the game at Crisler will be another chance at a marquee win…


Makes that Home game more important and that road loss hurt more.


The road loss has tormented me more and more by the day.

That 4 point play was still BS and if someone, anyone could have stepped up and made a play to stem the tide… one of the most frustrating losses in a long time. I literally didn’t sleep a minute Tuesday night, but I was still proud of how we played, the collapse against OSU was much harder to take.



MSU -9.5 (vs Michigan) and Purdue -8.5 (at Minnesota) today. Due for a cold spell. :wink:


Unless Purdue has a let down from the UM game, they should blow out Minnesota.


Purdue launched 35 threes today against Minny.


lol at kenpom #100 Indiana being alone at 5th in the conference.


Holy crap - the line for the Purdue game was only 8.5??? Had people seen these two teams play recently?

When I used to trade options for a living and gamble for a little extra cash (back when it was legal), I used to wait months for opportunities like that.

That was a crazy bad line. That really was the line?


14-7 :slight_smile:

Taking Ohio State (-6) and Indiana (-2.5) today.


Northwestern has managed to score 3 points in 11 minutes at Indiana. And it only trails by 10.