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Some how, Jackson fouled out without committing a single foul.


Jackson complains after every foul he is called for. Very quick learner!

Meanwhile on MSU forums during the OSU game, posters are using, as a piece of evidence that referees are bad these days, that , and I quote, “even Draymond is complaining about the officiating in the nba”.



eye roll Michigan State forums are the only delusional fans who post during games… Okay, maybe not. Ever scroll through a game thread here?


It is matter of extent. They have people claiming to be rewinding and checking in slo-mo to see if their players are traveling, and concluding they are not—when they are.

Have to stand up for the game threads here. Sure, we are guilty of bias but some forums are way worse than others.

The culture of MSU basketball supports their delusions…Their culture magnifies their bias.

I respect your attempt at being pc though :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed this article, thanks for sharing it!


Or better yet, try the game thread at MGoBlog.


Bench scoring in the OSU/MSU game was nearly non-existent. MSU got 4 points and OSU got only 3 (Dakich Hail Mary).
They both could have used a Livers or a Poole. We are blessed.


Obviously OSU is the biggest surprise in the Big Ten so far, but I’m really curious to see how Nebraska plays out this conference season. A lot of people have said Michigan has a tough strech of Purdue/@MSU/Maryland, but lurking after that is a game @NEB.

Miles is probably my favorite Big Ten coach outside of Beilein (obviously). They’re playing some decent to good basketball this year with no bad losses on that resume. I’ll be curious if that falls off or if they make a run at a bid, which would be a huge shock.


Not being PC, being honest. The things that you are saying these last couple posts sound like what you are critiquing.


I am not critiquing the fan base actually. That was a very very minor point.

The larger point was that MSU basketball culture is a reflection of its coaches personality. Izzo, his team, and his fans, in unison, expressed their opinion that something undeniably unfair happened in the last 3 minutes of the first half. Izzo complained about the refs after the game—comparing—a basketball play on one of his players, which consisted of minimal contact, to be similar to a real world illegal physical assault. Huh?

Check out the non-basketball play on Tate (who judging from the scar has had shoulder surgery) in the second half at 16:14. Was that judo?

There is an uglier side to MSU basketball and I am not talking about how his players,after a few years start to take on the mannerisms of their leader.

I am am 100 percent on board with papa Dak’s assessment: Whiners at best.

Within the context of last nights game I would be curious to hear if people agree that on closer examination the refs actually gave a bit of an advantage to MSU in the last three minutes of the half… There were several plays that were clearly fouls committed by MSU that were not called…I was actually surprised they did not give Izzo a second tech…The refs were, per usual generous to MSU, it just so happened that everything was going wrong for MSU anyway…That is my unbiased opinion :slight_smile:


IMO, because of their history of a physical style of play, they always seem to get away with fouls that would normally be called on other teams.


MSU fell to #4 and Purdue is up to #5… Two top 5 opponents makes for quite the week ahead of us


Pretty good breakdown. I laughed though when he described how we get Matthews the ball in the post…because he’s describing our shuffle series where the second cutter (guard) sets a back screen for Matthews and he receives the ball cutting to the opposite block. That’s been a default set for JB for years (as in, not put in place to intentionally get Matthews block looks).


First, you don’t get to declare your own opinion “unbiased”–that is for others to discern. Second, like Dylan said, your criticism mirrors the biased over-the-top behavior you attribute to MSU. Third, Dakich is hardly the reasoned person to be quoting about MSU. Fourth, if not here, head over to mgoblog, where blaming the officials is de rigueur. Fifth and last, damn you for making me defend (in the slightest) Izzo and MSU.


Mgoblog’s basketball community sure is… unique!


Game threads are, I think, universally terrible and best avoided.

MgoBlog doesn’t particularly care absour basketball that much, and I think the readership by and large doesn’t either - they’re just cheering the logo. Which is fine - I don’t like football.



My sincere apologies on your last point!

I was kidding about me having unbiased opinions.

I definitely have strong opinions regarding MSU basketball and how it is distinct from Michigan basketball. But that does not mean I would not be interested in knowing if you, or anyone else, takes actual issue with my assessment by providing your own: a) assessments of MSU basketball culture in general and how it is “different” and why it is “different”, as well as, whether or not it is different in a good or bad way; and b) Your own assessment of the last 3 minutes of the first half of the OSU game. Simply pointing out that there are basketball fans complaining about officials everywhere is sort of uninteresting to me.

On the other hand, I am very proud of the culture around Michigan basketball. Part of that culture, spreads down from JB, the players, and trickles down to the fans. So when Dylan sort of accuses me of whining about their whining then it does resonate with me a bit and forces me to think about it. It makes me want to take the higher road. I mean, yeah, I am over the top, and maybe not in a good a way, but the rivalry is epic, in large part, imo, because IZZO and JB are so different! Our teams are so different…I choose Michigan.

Anyway, today, based upon Dylan’s comment, I have decided, moving forward, to try to think about the Michigan Versus MSU rivalry less in terms of Good versus Evil in a Star Wars sort of way where the goal of the good guys is to “disable” the Death Star sort of thing. Haha. Rather, I am going to try to take a more enlightened approach. We are still the good guys but more in a karate kid sort of way where victory is less like the scene where Ralph machio crane kicks the cobra Cai kid in the face and more like the scene where “our” Mr Miyagi gets the better of the evil sensei and “honks” his nose.

Toward that end, I am interested in what other people think MSU’s weaknesses are. How can JB topple state again? It would be awesome if it happened again this Saturday…But how might JB and the team find a way to do it once again?


That whole website is a train wreck. Always has been.


The people who run it definitely are knowledgeable about football but their unfathomable arrogance and perceived infallibility has caused issues with other members of the community who are also very knowledgeable and certainly rubs me the wrong way. It doesn’t help that despite every web site alive getting revamped constantly they’re still stuck in 2007 on the front and back ends with endless delays programming wise. I read most of the stuff because a lot of it is just compiling links from other sites (Unverified Voracity and any Recruiting Roundup) and it sums up what’s happening pretty well.

Still, their Upon Further Review series is probably some of the best content on any sports site.