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Haha. Cruel of you to point out that very real possibility.


Hell, it will be hard for ME to watch it! I can’t imagine how hard it would be to be Wolverheel and be subjected to that! I’d have all the sympathy in the world for the guy if it happens, which it certainly could!:slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, but Bridges, Langford, and Winston have looked better in their last couple of games. Duke looks about the same as they did when they played MSU, which is obviously very good, but it’s not unreasonable to think MSU is the more complete team at this moment. That’s why they are blowing out good teams while Duke is letting UT and IU hang around.


We’ll see how it plays out. K is 11-1 against Izzo, hard to bet against him in those games.


Ohio State is drubbing Wisconsin at the Kohl Center right now and Penn State is up at Iowa.


Wisconsin just playing atrocious defense. And OSU with some hot shooting. Don’t mind if they use up all their makes tonight. 23 point lead at half. Would have never predicted that.


At the half…


Even Dakich has scratched for the Bucks.


93 EFG%???

Holy damn


Wow, starting to get to actually watch these teams play and some of them are baaaaaaad.

If we play the defense we’re capable of against OSU, just don’t give them wide open shots, and if we’re poised against their aggressive defense, on the road or not, we are better than them.

I was shocked at how bad Wisconsin is. I imagine a Greg Gard team is going to develop, but right now, they just don’t have the pieces. Ohio State’s pieces weren’t too impressive to my eye either.


I’m not sure we can take much from OSU’s performance. Shooting like that - even on all open shots - is probably unrepeatable at this level.


Gard has only coached about 2 seasons worth of games by now. I wouldn’t be so confident in how his Wisconsin program is going to be.


Yep. This year was the first real test of Gard’s program.




Reminds me of a few years ago at Michigan with the Caris, Spike, Walton and Irvin string of injuries. Sometime the injury bug bites you sometimes it bites some other team. (Crosses fingers)


Because of the B1Gs performance so far, plus a win vs IU in the books, means we need to start rooting HARD for our wins to look “better”. Normally I wouldn’t care this early in the season about potential RPI sways

Edit* point being I’m rooting hard for IU over ‘Ville


I was already rooting hard against Louisville


Rooting interest in an IU game might be a no-brainer. . . against anybody but Louisville.


Minnesota falls to Arkansas by 16. Is that two straight loses for the gophers?