Big Ten Discussion


Purdue in a good position to beat Louisville with under a minute left.


Purdue looks set to win. Iowa and Illinois in close games at half


So what Big Ten teams have impressed you, or even had impressive moments, this season.

Michigan State has the win over UNC and that’s huge.

I was high on Purdue (and still am) but their trip to Atlantis was a near disaster (saved by the win over Arizona).

Minnesota has been good, but not really tested. Wisconsin has 4 ‘good losses’, but hasn’t beaten anyone. NW? Iowa? Ohio State? Michigan? Penn State has yet to really beat anyone.

Not sure what to make of the league right now.


OSU & PSU are better than I thought they’d be. But still not very good teams.

Iowa & N’W worse than i thought and look to be mediocre.

MSU looks as good as advertised.


MSU is at the top. Purdue has wins over Marquette, Arizona, and Louisville, which is pretty good, and their losses are respectable. Minny hasn’t lost and has a couple decent sins.

Otherwise it’s been a pretty mediocre nonconference at best. I won’t believe anything good about Penn State until I see some proof. Iowa appears bad. Illinois just lost to a bad Wake team.

At least UM gets Purdue and Minny at home for some potentially good wins and then maybe can ring up a good conference record.


1-6 in the challenge so far…man. Michigan’s margins are gonna be very thin because there are not going to be very many tournament teams from the B10 this year.


There should be at least 5. I think if we finish 5th or better, we have a good shot at getting in.


BartTorvik’s projections had 5 as the average BEFORE tonight is factored in. I’ll be interested in seeing them at the beginning of conference play.


Home team has won every game so far except FSU win at Rutgers.

Not really surprised to see ACC up 6-1 at this point with the way the early schedule lined up.

Very interested to see if PSU can be competitive at NC ST tonight.

Only underdog to win so far is GA TECH, and NW was a very small favorite. Very formful results so far.


Looks like an opening, if Michigan gells, for a better-than-anticipated finish in the league race.


But who doesn’t want to hear about Max Biefeldts calf muscles?


B10 teams in the top 100 of RPI as of right now:

Minnesota: 21
MSU: 32
Purdue: 57
Michigan: 84
Penn State: 99
WIsconsin: 100


I think anyone who thinks the Big Ten is going to offer up many easy nights based on early results is way off base. I think it’s just bad that the conference didn’t take care of its business during the pre-conference schedule. A lot of these teams have talent. Indiana has plenty of talent from what I see in this game.


Who is the No. 4 team in the Big Ten? I truly have no idea.


Despite the record, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say Wisconsin. They haven’t beaten the top teams they’ve faced, but they haven’t lost to bad ones like most of the other teams in contention have.


Presume it starts with:

  1. MSU
  2. Minn
  3. Purdue

I would choose Maryland as #4. They have some talent and played Syracuse tough also beat Butler. I am not feeling Wisconsin. Happ is a beast but everything else leaves something to be desired. At least with Michigan, I feel like we have 2 stud players to Wisconsin’s 1.


Yeah, despite saying Wisconsin not even an hour ago, thinking back to the games I’ve watched of theirs, it’s just so ugly. Penn State and Maryland would probably be the only other ones that could be argued for.


Too soon to tell. Some teams that looked good initially are raising doubts now (Northwestern). Others looked bad early on, but seem to be improving lately (Indiana). Stay tuned for further developments.


When has NW looked good this year?


They won 3 of first 4 games with the only loss being to a pretty good Creighton team. They were a preseason top 25 team in numerous polls. I was in the minority thinking that they were overrated last year.

My point remains, this early in the season, who knows how good most teams are. I am not so sure that Minnesota is a top 3 team.