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He may not have 3 years left. I don’t know if he actually does or not but transferring twice won’t help him.


You may be right, I’m not 100% sure but I for got he was at Oklahoma for a few months.


That new DePaul arena is out by McCormick Place. I wouldn’t really call that downtown, although it’s a bit closer than Rosemont. DePaul basketball has been adrift since they moved from Alumni Hall on campus, way back in 1980.


True, it’s not in the loop, but it could make a world of difference from the All State Arena – a new arena by the lake just minutes from a million workers and much more accessible from DePaul’s campus. Even general interest basketball fans will be much more likely to go, especially if DePaul gets good or when Nova or Georgetown come to town.




Kam Williams is coming back to OSU. They needed that one.


Rough spot to ‘need’ Kam Williams to return. Good player, good shooter, but shouldn’t determine a program’s outcome.


This is official


Its too bad that Depaul doesn’t still play in Lincoln Park. That would have been an amazing place to watch college hoops.


BREAKING: @Mark_Alstork is officially an #Illini 🔶🔷🔶🔷

— Illini Barstool (@BarstoolILL) May 24, 2017

Power move by Underwood


Should’ve known he was going there, had an unnecessary announcement about the commitment. Seems to be the trend for them.


Purdue's Caleb Swanigan is staying in the NBA Draft, source told ESPN. I had one GM tell me they think he is...

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanESPN) May 24, 2017


Jalen Coleman-Lands is leaving Illinois and transferring. I believe to DePaul.


Wow so DePaul could potentially have Tyger Campbell, Brian Bowen and Coleman-Lands next year? Maybe the lesson here that we should hire top high school coaches as assistants


The teams I was told are DePaul, Norte dame, or butler. But my guess is DePaul. He has to sit out one year.

But he is 100% leaving, barring a miracle. Should be granted his release by Friday.


That helps with recruiting for the ‘bribe’ year, then what? Seems like a short term quick fix.


Good thing about those kids though, none have real NBA potential so they should be around for awhile. I understand some kids develop well and become NBA players but the majority do not. The new arena and coach should help DePaul out quite a bit.


I feel a lot better about the talent on the current roster after looking at the rest of the B1G’s projected starters next year. Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio State, Indiana are all way down. Could be a weird year


Another similar take: