Big Ten Discussion


Wow, definitely a straight knock-off. But looks waaaaaaay better without that awful teal.

Love those jerseys. That should be in the normal rotation for them.


Yeah, the 90s were that era when all expansion teams seemed to use some combination of teal, black and purple as their color scheme. Even the Pistons got into that for awhile.


Blasphemy if you actually meant teal. But considering their official color was in fact turquoise, I’ll allow it.


It’s a knock off, but I actually like that design in black and purple.


Ha, I finally clicked the link to Rovell’s tweet to read the responses and yep, first tweet is explicitly calling that out. It definitely was called out right away when that was posted.


Could be something, could be nothing.


Could see him succeeding there.


What a great hire that would be for UCLA, but Painter is a Midwest boy, a Purdue alum. I honestly don’t know if he’d be interested in going to LaLa Land! Please know that Painter is my favorite B1G basketball coach NOT named Beilein.



That would make Michigan the first three-peater in BTT history.

Would be a neat accomplishment for the program, spanning some golden years by MSU and OSU in particular.


Much like the Beilein/Pistons discussion this summer, seems like this is a way to get more $$$ out of Purdue.


Iowa’s basketball program is going to give birth to a litter of Ethan Happ’s offspring after this evening’s contest. It’s beautiful to watch, and I’m just as happy for Happ as I am for Iowa’s basketball program.


I don’t think either Michigan or MSU are well equipped to win 3 games in 3 days against highly motivated, good basketball teams. Seems unlikely to me. Margin for error to small. Foul trouble could be fatal to both teams. Fatigue may be too much to overcome with their short benches.


Iowa has lost three straight games. By 20-14-and 20.

Easily could have lost seven in a row if not for miracle finishes.


How does this happen literally EVERY year






Michigan, Maryland, Indiana, Rutgers, and Penn State will all play 19 of their 20 conference games (95%) against Tier-B or Tier-A KenPom opponents. No other conference in D1 ball has even one team playing that high of a percentage of conference games falling into one of those two tiers. Crazy.


Minnesota is playing well but I just bought the Maryland lime down to 5.5 and went semi big on it. Any thoughts?

Really banking on Minnesota coming back to their play all year. No curry, senior night, and strong interior play versus Murphy and I like the play. The 7 worried me some . I could see it being a 6 point Game And gophers covering. Here’s to hoping they fall apart, come on Richard do your thing!