Big Ten Discussion


Brendan wrote a full story on the MSU scrimmage…

If you look closely at some of the defensive numbers they are scary bad.


Not gonna be a great defensive team when your best defender is Matt McQuaid


Yeah, and I don’t see Winston being a very efficient player on offense as the #1 or #2 option. I think Dylan’s right, Indiana is a better team than MSU, and will be our top competition in the Big Ten.


Izzo was holding back.


My guess is that several teams will be better than MSU this year. MSU will be middle of the road, I think.


I think Nebraska and wisky could be up there. Neb especially


Big Ten is heavy on pretty good teams, I don’t see any great teams right now. I don’t see anyone who should be a top-10 type team all year or anything like that. Or who I would bet money on to make the Final Four.

Seems like the league will be loaded with teams in the 20 through 50 range nationally. If everyone does well in the non-conference, that could lead to a lot of bids. If not, it could lead to a tough conference with a lot of parity that drags itself down.


That’s good speculation but we really don’t know. We could have 3 teams in the top ten but don’t ask me who they are. We need some games!!!

Like Michigan and Michigan State football; week to week the beat writers, fans and bloggers have incredible change in direction on how these teams fortune are destined to be. Fire everyone!! I treat all opinion of the future with disdain!! Except my own


Agreed should be deep. I like Indiana a lot too. Wiscy and minny too, Iowa as well. I might take minny if it wasn’t for pitino


Sounds like Indiana beat Loyola by 20 in a secret scrimmage.


Does Loyola have a lot of returning players from their final four team?


They bring back 3 starters and 4 of their 7 main rotation guys including MVC player of the year Clayton Custer, Marques Townes, and Cameron Krutwig. They should be one of the top mid-majors in the country


Plus Krutwig was just a freshman last year so I wouldn’t be surprised if he improved significantly.


Interestingly, preseason KenPom only has Loyola ranked 67th.



Perhaps I have a selective memory, but Minnesota seems to be constantly getting hammered by injuries over the years.


Woof. I have been pretty consistent that I think Bingham will not be much of a positive contributor this year, but this is pretty bad.


Probably not what you want to see on Twitter as a top 70 prospect.


Doesn’t really seem that surprising given how skinny he was/is. Why is that such a big development? Similar deal to DJ Wilson.


The surprising part is that the 4 spot is the weakest at MSU. Redshirting a highly ranked freshman who plays that position seems odd