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Ignas Bradzeikis



Ugh. I like Timme and would prefer not to play him.


Don’t worry bruh… it’s Izzo :wink:


Crystal Ball always seems to have a tendency to go heavily for the biggest team that offered, especially early(ish) on in recruitments. I’m not horrendously concerned yet, but even so, I have to imagine Beilein has an idea how to neutralize a stretch four. Let alone an Izzo-coached stretch four.


Just throw a zone at it and izzo will bench his stretch 4.






Yeah Ohio State is going to be a problem for as long as Holtmann, Pedon and co. Are there. They will pull top 50 talent regularly. And now they will be super aggressive going for studs in 2020. Only have like 2 maybe 3 spots so will hone in on elite talent. And knowing how they recruit, they will land at least 1 highly touted stud. Hopefully Zeb Jackson isn’t one of them.



Pedon? Who is that


Assistant and their “recruiting guy”


He’s the one who got Carton fully on board I heard. He’s been the lead for him and Alonzo Gaffney.


When the same guy is the “lead” recruiter on multiple top 50 guys and lands a bunch of them, I tend to think that something fishy is going on in Buckeye land.

I know it’s not the rabbit hole that anyone wants to go down (especially with all the FBI stuff) but it wouldn’t shock me one bit.


I don’t think he’s that type of guy. I’ve heard a lot of good things about him and the Ohio State staff. They just outwork everyone and are super enthusiastic. Haven’t really heard any negatives from players being recruited by them. Even when those guys get told they are no longer being recruited, they still hold no ill will towards the staff. Seem like pretty good people for college basketball as a whole. But for Michigan and me supporting them, it’s a problem haha.



lol no chance. Every year the question is “Will Izzo play some zone?” and the answer is always “NO!!!”


Maybe they are practicing how to play against a zone. Izzo probably expects to face a lot of it this year after the Syracuse fiasco.