Big Ten Discussion


I remember being a fan of Boudreaux when we were recruiting him.


and a waste scholarship to Robinson


Good get for them. We recruited him a bit outta high school.


Jaren Jackson declares for the NBA draft


Tony Carr is also off to the NBA


Off to the NBA or testing the waters?

Edit: never mind, I got an article. That kinda sucks for the strength of the conference next year.


Hired an agent

Feels like the Big Ten can’t catch any breaks on early departures. Carr and Jackson staying would have elevated those teams for sure. Carr especially. Wagner is in a a similar situation to Carr in that they’ve accomplished about as much as they can in college and their draft stock probably won’t improve much


This might be the worst case scenario for PSU, who will probably miss the tourney again next year but be good enough their AD might keep Chambers around.


I think Wagner could improve his game a lot if he comes back. I do not think he’s coming back.

If he could develop a dominant post game, improve his D, and rebound even better, see Loyola game, he could be best Big in the country. I think he could raise his stock considerably.


I was at least 50/50 that he would come back even just a few weeks ago. I’m now down to 20/80 or 30/70 at best. BUT, I’ve been reading lately that the 2019 draft is projected to be dismally weak, so…you never know. He does seem to love college basketball, his teammates, MICHIGAN, Ann Arbor, and I think he and Coach B have developed a special relationship. On the other hand JB will give him the best advice possible, unlike another coach we know. If he is truly projected to be a first round pick, and more and more folks are projecting that, then he probably will go this year. If that happens, I’ll certainly wish him all the prosperity and happiness in the world. He certainly has provided us with a lot of joy and happiness. I hope he has a GREAT performance tonight, and then, let the chips fall where they may.


I think he would improve his game by coming back. But he would not improve his draft stock.


It actually might, IF next year’s draft is as weak as they say it might be. However, would it improve it enough to make it worth taking a chance? Hmmm…I don’t know.


Yes, but he could improve it faster in the NBA.


I think it might depend on playing time. If he goes to a team that focuses on defense and he’s able to get that tutelage and get chances to improve it on the floor - whether it’s in the NBA or the G league - I agree. If not, another year of Yaklich would help him with his game. But I don’t think it’ll significantly affect his stock.

If I were him, I’d probably leave.


If we win the national championship, I would go if I was Moe. If we lose, and I’m Moe and I love college and the team we have coming back…I might come back


According to Maryland boards, Bruno Fernando is gonna declare for the draft and there’s a very strong chance he stays in.


Sheesh, the Big Ten is gonna be quite weak again IMO.


Looks like it’ll be even worse than this past year.

Honestly, Michigan and MSU (assuming Ward comes back, which is not a given) are the only teams capable of getting better than a 6 seed IMO. In fact, those are the only teams I’d feel confident of predicting an NCAA tournament bid at this point. Haven’t done a deep dive into it, just off the top of my head right now.


Surprised at the results of Dylan’s quick survey on twitter today.

17/18 MSU >> 18/19 MSU
17/18 Purdue >>> 18/19 Purdue
17/18 OSU >> 18/19 OSU
17/18 Nebraska = 18/19 Nebraska
17/18 Michigan > 18/19 Michigan
17/18 Penn St > 18/19 Penn St
17/18 Indiana << 18/19 Indiana
17/18 Maryland < 18/19 Maryland
17/18 Wisconsin < 18/19 Wisconsin
17/18 N/W < 18/19 N’W
17/18 Minnesota < 18/19 Minnesota
17/18 Illinois = 18/19 Illinois
17/18 Iowa < 18/19 Iowa
17/18 Rutgers = 18/19 Rutgers

I think we will have better depth in the conference next year, but won’t have many very good teams. We had 3 legit top 10 teams in Purdue, MSU and Michigan this past year and a top 20 in OSU. I don’t see anything close to resembling that next season.


Well if Mo comes back 17/18 Michigan < 18/19 Michigan