Big Ten Discussion


Wisconsin has absolutely gagged this away. Ugh.


Wow, brutal play by Wisconsin the last 12 minutes.


M moves to a shitty 7-3-1 record ats in conference play. You can just see they don’t have it.


Nebraska playing Hack a Happ and it is working.


I would literally lose my mind if a UM player missed as many FT’s as Happ missed tonight. Terrible.


Hey, don’t listen to me. Read the comments in the open thread. Do you see anyone remarking on our impressive play? Not really…more concern and hand-wringing than anything else.

And I’m not sure I see a real difference between “always has a slow start” and “struggling”. Just because you win, it doesn’t mean you won comfortably and didn’t struggle. You’d think once in a while, they could manage to get out of the gate fast.


Do you agree or disagree that we struggled for pretty much the entire first half?

Do you agree or disagree that this does not look like a team hitting their stride?

Unlike you, I’m going to keep the discussion about basketball, instead of resorting to personal attacks and insults.


Read the open thread comments. Do you see a single one saying anything like “we’re really playing well tonight” at any point?


Associating oneself with comments made during a game thread is definitely a sign of reason.


100% disagree, given that you’re objectively wrong about that. They scored 5 points over the final 13 minutes of the half. 0 in the final 7, including a 10-0 run.

If you’ve ever read an open thread here you know how dumb it is to use it as a source for anything.

I swear to God there’s a 90% chance you’re mpbear/prattd concern trolling the board again. Same exact style.


I’m surprised there’s so much pessimism going forward about our record. Not blowing teams out is one thing but their winning games. There’s been plenty of games this year I thought they were due for a loss and they passed the test. I’m feeling pretty good here. Hell 3 of our 4 losses were against good teams and we were there for each one. We shall see but I think our defense changes things this year.


Well, “so much” meaning one person who’s giving zero rational arguments… If you’re going to go 1 on everyone with the hottest of hot takes you better have something to back it up. If not… well it turns out like this.


I guess I meant not just this thread. I’ve read a few other people who seem to be nervous or feel like we’re not playing well. I usually am very pessimistic and nervous but I feel really good right now.


I’m still pretty nervous on a nightly bases about this team. However very happy with the overall season so far and potential. The offensive inconsistency keeps me from feeling great about this team definitely winning any given game. But you can’t ignore the defense and rebounding at this point, which means the team is gonna find ways to win games.


Wolverheel, I don’t “100% disagree.” I do, generally, disagree with most everything Inmycourt has been saying, however. We did, as you point out, play excellent defense for pretty much the entire game. Yes, NW took that 14-5 lead early, but we weren’t playing horrible defense in my opinion, they just hit some shots. THEN, at the 13 minute mark we REALLY clamped down and played outstanding defense, albeit against a rather inept offense, for the remainder of the game.

Offensively, we did struggle in the first half, especially early, but there are legitimate reasons for that. 1. Coach B likes to run through his offense in the first several possessions of the game. He wants to see what the defense is doing, how they are playing. The genius offensive mind of Coach B is figuring in his mind how he will effectively attack that defense. I think that’s part of the reason we sometimes start slowly. 2. When you have not faced a zone defense hardly at all during the season and certainly not since before Christmas, it can be difficult for young players to figure out. In last night’s game, however, we did miss some open looks (Duncan especially), and it wasn’t until we got some live ball turnovers and run outs that we really started making an impact offensively. Defense leading to easy buckets, as a way to beat the zone, what a concept! :grinning:

By the way, for anyone who would, somehow, say we weren’t prepared to attack NW’s zone, it is extremely hard to prepare for a defense you almost never see and that you don’t play yourself. Our scout team simply can’t replicate what NW is able to do in their zone, so it takes a while. Fortunately we have Coach B helping the kids figure it out, and a defense that kept it close until we did figure it out. The second half was a testament to Coach B’s coaching and to the kids’ ability to adjust and to perform.

Coach B talks of having a “play list” that they use during the first half, but at halftime they made the kinds of adjustments we’ve come to expect and appreciate under John Beilein. I thought we attacked the zone very well in the second half, and, again, if a few of Duncan’s threes, and that one of Z’s that should have gone down, if those had gone in we would have blown NW out in the second half. As it was, we were pretty much in control the entire second half. Free throws? Well, that could become an issue. I hope not.

Finally, I don’t even read the open thread comments during the game. 1. At my age I’m just not technologically adept enough, 2. I can’t multitask as well as you kids can. And, 3. I just don’t have either the time or the inclination to get involved in that stuff while I’m trying to watch the game. If I had participated, however, I would have probably been screaming for Coach to get Isaiah back into the game after Duncan missed about his fourth open three, and I’m a huge Duncan fan. Between that and comments like, “I HATE officials! I HATE officials! Freakin’ refs!” Well, just suffice it to say I do struggle to remain calm during our games! And I’m a really old guy who should know better than to get his BP up! My point, what we may say during the course of the game, when emotions are running rampant, is often entirely different than what our rational minds will think when sanity returns. Sorry, this was so long.:slightly_smiling_face:


I have been keeping away from game threads lately too, because they tend to be all emotion and low on insight. Not really productive. I prefer to follow the box score on line.


Nebraska’s next game is a week from today against Minnesota. Between then and now Minnesota has 2 games.

Although it will help them record wise, I’m sure Nebraska wishes they didn’t have single plays against the top 4 teams in conference for resume purposes.


The waterboy for Ohio Northern is back? I was thinking it might be MattD


Hey, I was beginning to suspect this as well. Maybe it’s the whole “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but your opinion is wrong” vibe he’s laying down.


Eh, IMO Matt had legitimate opinions, just unpopular ones that he was kinda an asshole about pushing. This is more along the “clear troll” lines of mpbear/prattd and his MSU fandom.