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MSU was doing things that have always been violations. Ward should have fouled out in the first half. He not only flops he flops after he fouls his opponent. He is a next level cheater.

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That was a typical Sparty hack fest. If Minny hit their free throws they win easily.

Kevin Huerter going off for Maryland today. He is one I would have liked to see in maize and blue. 26 points, 7 triples.

This game going down to the wire. Nebraska making an unlikely comeback after Maryland went on a 17 point run


Soooooooooo apparently #Nebrasketball is back?

Nebraske 2-0 to start big ten play beating Indiana and Maryland. Who expected that.

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Lets keep it big ten related fellas

We are off topic

There are literally two other threads running right now with this discussion. This thread is suppose to be about Big Ten updates (ie. scores, injures, etc.).

Wisconsin emerging pretty much as the class of the Big Ten by a wide margin. Who will compete with them at the top?

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I honestly don’t think anyone will. If they beat Purdue later this week I see them absolutely running away with the conference by perhaps even 4+ games.

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There is a long way to go.

And what are we thinking of Minnesota?

They look good but should have beaten Sparty. I fear that Izzo will have Sparty where he always does come March- in the Sweet Sixteen-- while we will be struggling to just make the tourney again.

Minnesota looks more athletic than last year, but I’m interested to see how the freshmen — especially Coffey — hold up after 3-4-5 straight weeks of B1G grind. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gophers flirt with .500 in conference play? Maybe finish a win or two just shy?

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Really curious about tonight’s Big Ten games…

Purdue at OSU
Iowa at Nebraska
Minnesota at Northwestern

OSU needs a W, Purdue just dropped a home game to Minnesota, can Iowa win on the road? Is Nebraska for real? Are Minnesota and Northwestern potential tourney teams? Lot’s to play for tonight.


I think N’Western may be a tourney team this year. They easily could have won the two nonconference games they lost, which both would have been impressive wins. Butler beat them on a buzzer beater and they completely collapsed in the last two or three minutes against ND after they had a lead.

Big win for Purdue at Ohio State. Needed it after dropping one at home to Minnesota. Buckeyes are 0-2 and have @Minny, @Wisconsin and MSU at home coming up. Tough spot.

10-8 overall would look reallll nice on OSU. Crazy that only 5 teams in the conference have less than 5 losses right now. Gonna be a lot of bubble teams come March

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