Big Ten Coach of the Year

Who is your pick with two weeks to play.

Creen or the Wisconsin coach

I’m going to say McCaffery despite the inevitable late-season choke job. Maybe Ryan’s replacement, too, which would be cool because it would force Alvarez’s hand and I like the idea of an unhappy Alvarez.

Even if Indiana went 18-0, I would have a moral objection giving it to Crean. Though he makes a great GIF.

It will be one of Crean/Fran/Gard depending how the final two weeks shake out.

Has to (unfortunately) be Crean.

I can’t stand Crean more than anyone else on this board, but he has done an admirable job. Off-season issues, Blackman goes down 13 games into the season, and our trash (Bielfeldt) is their 17min, 8pt, 5reb treasure. Gotta tip your cap to Crean for keeping the ship afloat, let alone 1 Big Ten win away from a Championship.

I would even go as far to say if IU loses their last 2 games to Iowa and Maryland, and they finish 2nd, he should still get the award.

Definitely Greg Gard

Well, Indiana was a preseason top 20 team and likely consensus top 4 team in the conference. Iowa was on no ones radar coming into the season and they still have a chance to win the conference.

If Iowa goes 2-1 or better over their final 3 games, I think Fran deserves a lot of credit.

I’m hoping Wisconsin finishes the season going 1-2 (losses vs Michigan and @ Purdue). That would knock Gard out of consideration IMO.

To be fair, Dylan asked for thoughts as it stands right now.

I’m gonna go with Wisconsin’s coach. Came in partway through the season after a rough non-conference for Wisconsin and is following a Badger legend. Really turned it around after a rough start.

Gard or McCaffery.

I get everyone’s hatred of Creen but he had as equal of a rough start as Gard did, injury to one of his best players, and he is extremely close to winning a B1G title. Guy has done a heck of job all while more than likely his job was on the line. Their biggest improvement being on the defensive end.

I don’t think where IU was ranked at the beginning of the year should have any barring on this teams performance

Also if JB gets a a pass for the Levert injury Creen should get a medal for doing what he did with the Blackmon injury

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No votes for Izzo? Just kidding. I think Crean is it as much as I hate the guy.

Indiana got better without Blackmon because Blackmon plays some of the worst defense in the Big Ten.

Why don’t you think Fran deserves consideration? No one saw Iowa being this good yet here they are in the thick of a Big Ten title race.

I think Crean wins it if Indiana wins the conference outright.
I think Fran wins it if Iowa shares part of the title.
I think Gard wins it if Wisconsin wins out.

Oh I think you can consider Fran and if he got it I think it’s greatly justified.

I just think Michigan fans will dismiss Creen because of hatred.

I don’t think Michigan fans really hate Crean. I simply think he’s a weird little dude.

And he gets a pass anyways because he married into the Harbaugh family.