Big Ten Basketball 2019-20 Discussion

Garza does do nothing on defense. He is one of the worst defensive centers I’ve ever seen.

And the impact a center has on a teams defense far outweighs that of any other position.

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Garza would be the worst NPOY maybe ever? He is downright dominant offensively but man he’s one-sided and hasn’t made his team a serious contender. He’s a monster but any time I’ve watched Iowa this year, I haven’t come close to saying “damn that’s the best player in the country”.

Big Ten player of the year should be Sticks if Maryland wins the conference, Winston if MSU wins the conference and I guess you consider Stevens, Garza or even Dosunmu (pre-injury) if somehow those teams sneak away with an outright title.

What does “the narrative is so far past him already” mean?

Does the B1G have an all-defense team? How about Eli for 1st team all-D?

I would say he has little to no chance just based on how people vote for that award.

Just referring to media and the narrative. To me it seems like everyone talks about Garza and Smith doesn’t get as much talk. From a national perspective

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I vote for Garza if only for the fact that we shop at the same grocery store when he is home for the summer. 7 footers are hard to miss.


Eyebrows are also hard to miss


I think it will be Winston or possibly, if PSU somehow wins the league over MSU, Stevens. Smith doesn’t have any gaudy stats, so if MD wins it, I would guess they’ll give it to Winston (or possibly even Cowan, deserved or no).

No one’s really talking about Oturu (probably because MN isn’t getting anywhere near a conference title and may miss the tourney), but he’s leading the league in rebounding and blocked shots and second in scoring.

I was looking at Winston’s stats thinking he was somewhat underwhelming this year in comparison to last (assist and shooting numbers are down) but I found this interesting.

Cassius Winston this year:
18.3 PPG, 5.7 APG, 42% FG, 39% 3P

Trey Burke national player of the year season:
18.6 PPG, 6.7 APG, 46% FG, 38% 3P


I’m not sure why Winston wouldn’t win it if MSU wins the league.

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Your eyes don’t deceive you:

It’s pretty much all his teammates faults, but he has definitely had a significantly worse season than Burke


That’s a good reason for not wanting Cassius to win. Mine is far more petty…I just don’t want to see a Spartan win!


I would say his reason is just as petty if not more lol

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Would be interesting to see Away and Neutral separated, as I’m guessing we’re not particularly close to the best Away team in the conf. But as a wise man once said, having those Bahamas efficiency ratings in the Neutral cohort is going to make that look pretty good.

The only neutral game in there is Rutgers.

Unadjusted win over NW doing a lot of work.

OH, conf only…of course.

Very interesting!

This confirms what we’ve always suspected, but now know: Iowa away is pure, unadulterated chaotic evil.


So if I am understanding this correctly, Iowa is far worse at defense away. While some might say that’s because opponents shoot better at home, as a Michigan fan I am inclined to say it’s more likely because they get that 30-5 type FT discrepancy at home. Skewed, and a small sample size, but we have chronicled [within forums here] team defense is based on the Center and Garza sucks unanimously.