Big Ten announces 2019-20 conference opponents


No Kohl Center!

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Looks like a pretty tough schedule… Iowa, MSU and OSU will be top teams in conference

So with the 20 game conference schedule, they are just flip flopping the 6 teams between double and single plays with Michigan State being our permanent rival. Will this ever be mixed up or is this rotation permanent?

Drop two of the conference losses from this year (at Penn State, at Wisconsin) and skip Assembly Hall. I like it

Also, the permanent rivalry is a thing, right? I know Michigan-Michigan State play twice every year but does every team have one?

They added protected rivalries last year, yes. But only three:

Illinois-Northwestern, Michigan-Michigan state, Purdue-Indiana

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This is a pretty favorable schedule for Michigan. All three “road only” matchups are very winnable.

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I agree!! Go Blue!

I just hope our away game with Sparty is NOT on their Senior night next year.

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