Big Ten Aggregate Projections

Michigan pretty solid in the 5th spot here.

I’d go:

  1. MSU
  2. Wisconsin
  3. Purdue
  4. Michigan
  5. Maryland
  6. Indiana
  7. Ohio State

as the tournament teams

Funny to me how crazy the range of predictions for IU fluctuates… I can see both sides. On one hand, Yogi was so important to them. On the other hand, they have two projected first round picks in the front court.


I love Anunoby’s upside but the sample size is so small he really hasn’t proven he can be a primary option yet. I also anticipate Blackmon having way too much freedom in their offense this year. Either way, it will be so strange not seeing Yogi running that team.

Im surprised the consensus favorite is Wisconsin instead of MSU. Id take their talent on the wings over anywhere else in the country

I think many folks aren’t sold on Blackmon as “the” guy.

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Blackmon plays no defense and is a black hole when he get the ball and turnover machine if I recall.

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I agree with Michigan at 5.
How can MSU not be #1 with all that talent and a hall of fame coach?

Loads of talent but three big question marks for MSU:

Point guard?

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I understand Wisconsin. Experience is big. They have four real good players.

Ohio State 10th, 4th, 7th, 6th? Don’t they return their top 6 scorers or something like that? How does Sporting news pick them at 10th?

Missing the tournament and having their entire freshman class minus Lyle transferring out probably doesn’t help. But I agree 10th is quite low

Unfortunately, we do not have a very favorable schedule when measured against these predictions. We only play 5 games against what seem to be the consensus bottom 4 teams (Rutgers, Nebraska, Minnesota, Penn State), but 7 against the likely top 4 (Wisconsin, MSU, Indiana and Purdue).

They return
79% of minutes played
90% of their scoring
73% of their rebounding
79% of their assists

That’s a good chunk of contributing players returning from an 11-7 conference team. A lot depends on if they can get any type of contribution from Funderburk, Jackson and Wesson. I see them being right around 10-8, 11-7. They get Minnesota/Rutgers/Penn St 4 out of a possible 6 matchups.

Michigan was better last year.
Michigan returns more production.
Michigan lost less depth.
Michigan brought in just as much with the 2016 freshman class.

I’d be surprised if Ohio St. is better than Michigan this year.

I could see it going either way if only because their returnees have much higher upside than ours. Safe prediction is that Michigan will be better, though.

Yes but isn’t 10th way too low? If OSU is 10th in the Big 10 this year then we’re probably going to have a record number of teams in the tourney.

I just found it amusing that he has Ohio St. at 10-8 or 11-7 because of what they return when Michigan was better, returns more, and yet he has them at 8-10.

See the lack of consistency?

Well OSU was 11-7 in the B1G compared to Michigan 10-8. Was Michigan better last year because they made the tournament and OSU didn’t?

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Michigan made the NCAA Tournament, Ohio St. didn’t.
KenPom: Michigan 58th, Ohio St. 80th
BPI: Michigan 57th, Ohio St. 64th
RPI: Michigan 58th, Ohio St. 72nd

Objectively, Michigan was better than Ohio St. last season.

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So head to head meeting and finishing ahead of another team in the conference doesn’t mean anything now?

I would also add you’re incorrect in regards to Michigan returning more production

Michigan only returns 73% of total points scored
Michigan returns 66% of total rebounds
Michigan returns 77% of total assists

So OSU actually returns more minutes/scoring/rebounds/assists.