Big Ten 2017-18 Thoughts

Really starting to dive into the numbers for some preseason stuff… Anyone agree that Iowa has been largely overlooked?

What teams do you guys think are under or over valued with some preseason expectations?

FWIW… My overrated team, right now, is Northwestern.


I think Minnesota and Northwestern are overvalued. Wisconsin and Maryland are undervalued.

I love Ethan Happ, but the is DMitrik Trice going to turn into (the good version of) Bronson Koenig?

I think Brevin Pritzl will inherit the how is this kid any good, but will constantly kill my team with daggers role.


My top 8: 1. MSU 2. Maryland 3. Minnesota 4. Purdue 5. Michigan 6. Northwestern 7. Wisconsin 8. Iowa
I think Northwestern is overrated and I think Wisco will have a bit of a down year. i think 2-4 is a toss up. I would guess Michigan’s year will depend on how well our unknowns Jaaron and Charles play.

Interested to see if Penn State can make a leap. It’s time for them to learn how to close out games going forward. They’ve got talent, just need more maturity at winning time and better decisions from Carr.

That’s about as good a guess as any. I think you can pretty much put a bunch of teams in a blender after Sparty.


Would not be surprised if Penn St turned some heads and Michigan St was a final 4 team.

Tom Dienhart from BTN has Michigan 8th in the conference

The sky apparently is 8th place in the league :thinking:


I can not believe how much people are buying Northwestern. I can at least understand the Wisconsin picks because of their history, but Bo isn’t coaching anymore and I’ve been less than impressed by the new guys they have coming in. But again, I can at least understand it.

Am I being a Homer, or is having Michigan around fourth sensible?

The way I see it:


Am I crazy for thinking MSU is getting way overhyped? It seems that everyone has forgotten that they weren’t a good team last year. While they should be good, are they really a clear top 5 team after being around 40th last year?

I’d argue their 3-5 spots are the best in the country and I’m personally high on them because I think Izzo will give Winston and Langford a lot more floor time this year over Tum and McQuaid

I definitely understand where you’re coming from, but I think they were killed in a decent amount of games by not having big men. That will certainly not be a problem this year. I think they might be slightly overrated, probably top 10 as opposed to top 3-5

I fully expect them to be a Final Four caliber team. Wouldn’t be shocked if they won it all. It’s a relatively weak year for elite teams next season.


I think you’re crazy and MSU is amazingly loaded. (Non Kentucky/Duke division)

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I have a hard time imagining scenarios where MSU is not awesome this year. Their weaknesses are Winston’s defense and Tum Tum as a backup. I don’t even think Winston’s horrible defense is going to slow them down because they are going to havebridiculously athletic, physical players helping out on D. The only other hope is that Tum Tum plays a larger role than I expect him to play. Tum Tum could possibly lose a few games for them… Otherwise, they are just so solid, unfortunately.


Is Tum Tum that bad??