Big 10 - "4" Position Players

Who are the most likely Big 10 “4” position players that we’ll be guarding?

Just curious who we’ll be matched up against if we go small 4 guards or if we go big with McGary at the 4?
How do you think we match up with each?

Iowa looks like they have a lot of size.
Wisconsin doesn’t look like they have any size.
Indiana - they have athletes (Vonleh, Perea, Hollowell, Sheehy, etc)

Illinois - John Ekey 6’7 225

He’s a 5th year transfer from Illinois State.

Not sure who else plays there for them. Possibly Joseph Bertrand or the freshman Austin Colbert.

Ohio State will likely be four-out as well with LaQuinton Ross, Sam Thompson types.

so am I correct in thinking if we play “small”…we’re really not THAT outsized?

Payne for MSU. I think Costello will be a 5 for them. White for Iowa has good size. Guessing Decker for Wiscy - goo size but also can shoot and is athletic. Ross at OSU - rough to handle by a big or a small PF.

Beilein will have the luxury of going big or small to MATCH what the other team is doing OR, he can force them to match us.