Biefeldt sixth man of the year in the Big Ten

Good for him, why didn’t he get a 5th year at Michigan?

That was a big screw up. I am happy for Max.

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I, too, am happy for Max. I really wanted him back at Michigan. He plays hard and seems like a good kid.

But would we have won any more games if Max had stuck around? I am not sure that we would have.

…we’re satisfied with our bigs play…

Absolutely not

Hard to say. When we played Indiana Max grabbed 7 boards in 18 minutes whereas Donnal, DJ and Doyle grabbed 8 total in 43 minutes. Biefeldt is good at setting screens, Has more lower body strength than anyone on our team, would be the quickest big on our team, and shoots 3’s at a rate that pulls a defender out. I can’t say for sure but a few of the blowouts would not have been so out of reach. Maybe we beat one of Maryland, Ohio state, Wisconsin? Plus the year isn’t over yet.

Note: Sarcasm

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Lol oh I know. I was just saying. I’m thinking we have 6 duds playing center next year. Yikes.

Happy for Biefeldt and much deserved.

yet another mistake by this staff…

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