Best shooters in the Big Ten

Who do you guys think is the best Big Ten shooter a) at the rim b) in the mid-range c) corner three-pointers d) above the break three-pointers.

Could be a fun game… Can guess either by efficiency or volume (made shots).

And for bonus points… who are the worst with significant volume?

For (a), I’ll guess, surprisingly, Zak Irvin for efficiency, only because in that front page article it states he’s at 94% at the rim and, well, that’s pretty good. Volume maybe Hammons?
For (b), I’ll go with Tate, Trimble, or Nunn? Just guesses, especially since I really have no idea who even plays for some teams, like Neb, Rutgers, Minny, etc.
For © I’ll go with Bryn Forbes because he’s been shooting well and loves that corner shot. Duncan tends to shoot more from higher up. I guess I’ll go with Zak on worst here.

Surprised johnmiller hasn’t been in yet mentioning DJ Wilson… :sweat_smile:

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Best at the rim: A.J. Hammons
Best corner 3pt shot: Robert Johnson
Best mid range: Melo Trimble
Best on the break 3pt shot: Duncan Robinson

Worst at the rim: Carlos Morris
Worst corner 3pt shot: Mike Williams
Worst mid range: Kendall Stephens
Worst on the break: JaQuan Lyle

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Here are the top mid-range shooters. PAE means Points Above Expectation (based on shooting zones and averaes), PAE/100 is normalized per 100 shots.

Nobody fires them up there quite like Vitto Brown, but Jarrodd Uthoff leads the way efficiency wise.

I’ve been patiently waiting for the other answers. :boy:

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Whoops. Here we go…

Above the Break Three-Point Shooters

Corner Threes

At the rim

“Duncan Robinson, Michigan. Robinson is leading the Big Ten in 3-point attempts, makes and accuracy (an astounding 59.5 percent!)”

… so let’s put him 2nd.