Beilein's contract

Do any of you think Beilein extends his contract further or is he a lock to retire after the final season of this contract?

Is Jordan going to be fine with waiting in the wings for that many more seasons?

  1. No clue on Beilein, anything said is pure speculation at this point really

  2. No clue if Jordan would even be considered, although I would certainly like him to be. Too many unknowns at this point, may be easier to tell after this season.

Would absolutely love Jordan to become the coach after Beilein and for Bacari to be his assistant still. Lavall is going to be a head coach and I really think of him as one of the only candidates that seems to have the skill development and hopefully something close to coach B’s offensive mind while having the charisma to recruit successfully. From everything I read and the interactions that I have witnessed he seems to be a very good relationship builder. I think if the Butler job came open again Lavall would leave and be very successful there, but hopefully he finds most other programs that come knocking to be less enticing than the one I hope he is in line for.

  1. I assume he will retire. 66 is a bit old to be a high major coach. No doubt Beilein will leave on his own terms considering the rejuvination of the program, but at that age I think his best days are behind him. That being said, Boehim and Coack K are still getting in done and they are post 65, but then you have Bobby Knight who quickly declined once he turned 65…so who knows.

  2. Would love for Jordan to take over as the head man…can’t really speak to his X’s & O’s ability because Coach B is the head man currently, although I do assume he is due some credit for PG development. As NB mentioned, I think the biggest upside to Jordan is recruiting. I know some will kill me for this, but it’s simply difficult for a man of JB’s age and background to connect with recruits (not saying he can’t/doesn’t). I think Jordan has a certain moxy/swag to him that will enable him to be a better recruiter as a head coach in relation to JB. Recruiting is only one phase of the game though, must be able to coach/implement players as well, but I’m inclined to believe he will be very good in that regard too. I’ve talked to Coach Jordan a few times in person, and he is very personable as a recruiter, and very knowledgable about the game. I would certainly be comfortable with him taking over.

Speaking of the Butler coaching position…see link.

As someone who will turn 66 soon, I can’t imagine having the energy/desire to coach into late 60s and beyond. I also think that Katherine Beilein will have something to say about this, if she has not already. He’s a family man who will walk the walk. Another factor is that Beilein doesn’t get off on notoriety and being in the limelight. He could easily live without it. Finally, he would hopefully be leaving the program in great shape, and that would be important to him. The main thing that would keep him longer is that he loves to coach. I’m guessing that the other factors overcome that.

Kind of early to think about successors, but this has the feel of the Heathcote to Izzo transition at MSU. Long time assistant anointed as successor a couple of years before the head guy retires. Most likely Jordan over Bacari if that happens. If Jeff Meyer were younger, he’d be in the mix. Great recruiter in his own right.

First, his contract runs through the 2018-19 season, and predicting what’ll happen then is pretty much a guess.

Second, I would guess that he’ll keep coaching. Think about it the other way - how many coaches who really have it going retire at 66? Here are some current coaches ages just for reference: Jim Boeheim (69), Steve Fisher (69), Coach K (67), Bo Ryan (66), Jim Larranage (65), Roy Williams (64). And the fact that he’s been at Michigan less years than some means he might be less tired of it/feels like he’s done all he’s can. Plus, don’t underestimate the thrill of the competition and the addiction to the adrenaline rush. And he can cede more and more responsibility to his assistants.

But, like I said, it’s mostly guesswork, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it went the other way. For instance, an NC and another final four over the next five years could push it either way, really, and so could not getting back to the F4.

For me personally, I’d be more inclined, at least at that age, to move forward with a team that is championship caliber as opposed to rebuilding/being mediocre. Just like anything else sports related, winning is very influential.

I guess that Beilein is keeping his options open at this point. he may want to retire after 5 years or he might have desire to keep going. I don’t think that anyone knows at this point.

If Jordan takes Bulter’s head coaching job after this year, he could still return when Beilein retires, as a stronger candidate. I don’t think that Jordan wants to pass up others opportunities.