I understand where people are coming from when they say this is a rebuilding year. I also understand that without a solid center(5) and a young and inconsistent 4(chatman, Wilson) that this team will be NIT at best. But IMO we have the best coach in the big ten when it comes to developing players and getting all five guys on the court to do their job. Let’s also remember that at the beginning of last season it seemed like we were a bubble team after Mcgary went out. “Horford and Morgan were not good enough centers to go anywhere special with team 97”. (I understand that some of you guys might have felt differently about Morgan) As the year progressed so did the players especially Horford and Morgan. I strongly believe that the same will happen with one or two of our three options at center. (Wilson, Donnal, Doyle) Just remember it may be ugly at the beginning of the year…but it can’t be worse then last year. (8-4 with only one good win against Stanford) I also believe that we can’t get much worse than horford and Morgan at the center position…I think by march they were consistent, but they were nothing special. If Beilein can get Horford and Morgan to be that good then we can’t be worried that one of our centers won’t be that good by march.

I was not on this board last year so I don’t know how you guys felt about GRIII, but I did not enjoy watching him play…I know he hit some huge shots against Kentucky, Purdue, and Indiana, but he did nothing on the defensive side of the ball. I TRULY believe that Kameron Chatman will be better than Robinson by March in areas that will help this team more. (Defense, rebounding, better handle plus he is a lefty)

Morgan was special, just not in the areas that some would have liked.

MichBB14 - you must have watched different games than I did. Morgan was the biggest reason not named Nik Stauskas why they had the season they did. In the second half of the season he was indeed special as Matt says. The things he did (defend, rebound, screen setting, and finishing) to a certain extent enabled our guards and wings to play the way they did. But I’m with you on Horford…lock step.

Unfortunately I don’t see anyone in the front court right now that can match (this season) what Morgan did last year and what Mitch did in the tourney the year before.

Morgan was special, just not in the areas that some would have liked.

Additionally, the idea that Morgan was nothing special, but that Beilein is so good at developing players that Doyle/Donnal will be at his level is contradictory.

It’s also contradictory to expect him to develop those guys in one year or two, to be as good as players that he developed for 4/5 years.