Beilein through 2019

In his news conference the other day JB said that he plans to be at Michigan through 2019. Did anyone have follow up questions about this date? Did he make it seem like this was a date set in stone to retire? Is this just when his current contract ends? If he has set this as the last season he plans to coach do you think they have talked about Jordan or Alexander being named coach in waiting? As far as actual games go it is still a long way off but as far as recruiting cycles go it is right around the corner. I feel like if he is going to talk about end dates this far in advance that they should, or do, have a plan in place so that it doesn’t negatively effect recruiting that is starting to build a lot of momentum.

Thoughts? Am I missing some crucial information?

i have no more info than you do, so this is just speculation. But maybe his contract is up in 2019 so he is just saying he will definitely honor his contract and be here through at least 2019. Hopefully an extension is in the works!

Yes - he references 2019 because his contract takes him to that point. He doesn’t seem to be looking past that point yet. I would assume as it gets closer he will either decide to a) coach a little beyond 2019 or b) retire and name a coach in waiting. IMO I think his decision will be based on what they are able to accomplish the next 5 years, his health, and how passionate he is for coaching in a few years. I just hope they can hold on to Coach Jordan and Coach BA in order to have one of them available as a coach in waiting when the time arrives.