Beilein presser quick hitters (4/16/16)


He mentioned DJ in the presser in the context of him potentially playing on the wing next season, but it definitely seems like there is an outstanding transfer decision. Kam may still be deciding on his future, and to a lesser extent, DJ.


This sounds like Jackson might be coming.

Haha Windsor. Love it.

I’d say the chances of Jackson coming are the same as it was UCONN women’s team losing yesterday. Love the sarcasm though.

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Hey, it’s not entirely sarcastic. (OK, mostly, but…) JB generally goes out of his way to avoid raising expectations. Listen to all the pressers where he downplays NCAA tournament ambitions and just talks about competing in conference and winning the next game. Now he brings up a championship… maybe he knows something that we don’t. Just saying.

I don’t think he was raising expectations, just saying that attrition can lead to a better fit for the team, overall, and the player(s) leaving.

I know you guys don’t care for Aubrey and I was probably his biggest fan on here, but unless someone comes aboard that I can’t foresee I can’t help but think this is a bad loss. I think he had a lot of potential obviously and I really think he’s going to do very well. I truly believe he can fill it up quickly and we don’t have a ton of those guys. I had a feeling he might be a dark horse candidate to leave and I think his confidence and discontent was a major reason he didn’t have a nice year like last year. Kams development is huge now.