Beilein presser (11/12/2015); no Zak Irvin vs. NMU

Zak Irvin will be out on Friday, per Beilein this afternoon.

I’ll post a few more notes in here from Beilein’s presser (with video and coverage coming later on the main page)

I’m confused about what Donnal understands more than Doyle. I could see this being a factor last season, but not so much this season.

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Based on that tweet, Wagner isn’t going to redshirt.

RE: Doyle… My guess would be with defensive rotations… overall just more consistently doing the right things in practice.

But will they ease him along slowly and sit him for the first couple games to consider it?

That’s hilarious and mysterious! At least I can rest comfortably knowing there’s a plan

Yeah, that’s some pretty strong language from Beilein. I could definitely see a Caris approach where you keep him out until he’s too good in practice or injury forces the hand (hopefully not).

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I think he sits Friday but hope he plays.
I say play him since he’s not going to be here in year 5 anyway.
Redshirt Teske and Davis next season not Wagner this season

Video on the front page

“Starting” is just the carrot for Big Rick. He’ll get more minutes than Donnal this season.


This is my only explanation as well

Not surprised about Irvin. Figured they’d be in no hurry to rush him back, since he probably won’t be needed the first two games. Hope they don’t dick around with Wagner, though…If he has talent, just play him, and let him develop. A redshirt just to let him bulk up would be silly. 20-25 lbs and some extra muscle is not going to be the difference between contributing and not contributing.

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I’m looking prophetic with Donnal starting over Doyle and Beilein’s reasons why. Heh. Watching practice, I can see Beilein’s reason, I disagree that it’s enough to start Donnal though.

Wagner situation much clearer after watching press conference. it makes since for Wagner to concentrate on weight training until he forces himself into the rotation.
Coach Beilein did say a redshirt for Wagner isn’t about a 5th year. Basically it’s doing what’s best to maximize Wagner’s abilities

Starting Donnal as a tactic to motivate Doyle seems weird to me. I mean, shouldn’t he start Ricky to motivate Donnal, who has a lot more to prove?